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Neocons Making a Comeback

Read Bret Stephens’s assessment.

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  1. "Neocons have erred in overestimating the U.S. public's willingness to engage in long struggles on behalf of other people. They have erred also in overestimating the willingness of other people to fight for themselves, or for their freedom."

    To Neocons, a little war is good, and more war is better. Why negotiate when you can more easily drop a bomb and show them who's boss?

    Unlike Teddy Roosevelt who advised talking softly but carrying a big stick, the Neocons like to yell loudly and strike out blindly at everybody and make as many enemies as possible.
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  2. Mr. Jay, you are leaving out an important step in the sequence. Neocons, as well as most other people with common sense, believe in hitting back after we are first attacked.

    In the case of Iraq, we had been in a state of war with Iraq since the middle of the Clinton administrations. Saddam Hussein boasted openly of financing suicide bombings of Israeli civilian targets, while Israel was (until the Obama administration) our principal and strongest ally in the Middle East.

    President Obama, along with all recent liberal-progressive presidents (Carter, Clinton), believes in getting rid of the big stick, lying down with our throats bared, and pleading with our mortal enemies not to slit our throats. Obama is following their leads in reducing our defense capabilities to fund socialist welfare state programs.
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  3. Mr. Brewton,

    Your memory is flawed.

    The Iraq invasion was definitively and knowingly sold to the US population as an emergency response to positive knowledge of hidden WMD that would result in a "mushroom cloud" over the US.

    In the runup to the invasion, there was zero talk about "suicide bombings in Israel."

    In fact, it is indisputable (and widely published) that the Neocons had long planned and urged an invasion of Iraq to implement their vision of "The New American Century," and were tickled pink when 911 gave them the excuse to put their plan into action. Within hours of 911, Cheney was ordering the CIA and NSA to find the link between Iraq and 911.
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