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Obama Terrifies the Mullahs

At the beginning of his administration, the president proclaimed that he would appeal to the better instincts of his fellow Muslims in Iran, giving them until this month to renounce their bad intentions.

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  1. I imagine it might seem outrageous* to many, but should we not simply withdraw from the UN? There is certainly little doubt that it is a useless and somewhat harmful institution. Providing the world's third rate dictators a podium in NY city does nothing to advance our interests. And the UN "peacekeeping" troops currently maintained in over a dozen locations around the world constitute a ridiculous waste of money.

    Perhaps a middleground would be to announce that henceforth we would contribute a reduced share of the UN budget. Since we are just one of the many nation members--all equally interested--we should pay the same amount as every other nation. This would provide equality of imput by each member state.

    Additionally, the cost to us of having them housed in NYC should be alleviated. The diplomatic and expionage subterfuges of that location reduces parking for NYC residents, burdens our already overworked police, encourages espionage against us, and costs money! Why can't they rotate their silly meetings every year to a different country. (It's not like anything actually ever gets accomplished at these assemblies.)

    I suspect the UN employs thousands of bureaucrats managing their various subsidiary operations and those could be placed on a competitive bid basis in some lower cost locale where rents are cheaper. With the internet age upon us, and with its communication ease, those agencies would be just as functional anywhere--the Congo, Cambodia, Burma, Ethiopia, Paris, or wherever they got the lowest rental bid. The fact that they have been in NYC for over half a century should not be a deterrent. Indeed, they have overstayed, and part of President Obama's message has been we need CHANGE. And in this case he would be absolutely correct.
    * I bet dollars to donuts Mr. JJ will weigh in on the side of the outrageous adjective !?
    Posted by bill greene  on  09/26  at  08:43 PM
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