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Murder’s OK, But No Torture.  We’re Liberals

To understand the grotesque hypocrisy of liberal-progressives we must view it from the perspective of their religion of socialism.

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  1. Speaking of Rousseau, he was one of the liberal "Enlightenment" philosophers who helped bring an end to European hegemony. The progressive ideas he promulgated were not only grotesque, but predictably inconsistent.

    Though considered a "nature boy" who was very tolerant of deviant behavior--saying that the State was always to blame, not the citizens--he could switch course when it justied his own decadent behavior. Like, when each time he left his illigitmate offspring at the Foundling Home in Paris. And he and his mistresses produced a number of such unfortunate souls.

    The survival rate of newborn infants left on the Hospital's doorstep was close to zero, but Rousseau justified his actions by saying he believed Plato's theory that the State was better at raising children than parents.

    The workings of an intellectual mind defies logic, mercy, and common sense--deficiencies very much in evidence when the academic elites rallied around the worst autocrats in Europe throughout the 20th century. With Obama they have brought the plague to America's heartland and have indoctrinated our children with its vices.
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