The View From 1776

Iran: Background to Present Troubles

Slater Bakhtavar explains how President Jimmy Carter created the conditions for today’s nuclear blackmail by Iran.

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  1. The many follies of the Carter presidency are mind-boggling. In this 1970's Iran case, he toppled the Shah, empowered the Islamic fundamentalists, and ended his 4 year term as President with the failed helicopter disaster trying to rescue the Western hostages held by the Iranian government he had helped put in place!

    Carter's secretary of State andrew Young toured Africa, et al telling everyone there were more political prisoners in the US than in the USSR!

    Hopefully, Obama, who is following these same harmful policies, will be limited to one term, as Carter was. But how many of these recurring reversals of fortune can America survive?
    Posted by bill greene  on  07/31  at  07:05 PM
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