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Where’s David Axelrod?

If real substance is to emerge from the vacuity of the President’s policies, it presumably will come from Mr. Axelrod, his behind-the-scenes campaign manager and PR crafter.

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  1. Tom,

    This is the second time in a month that you have implied that Obama is a puppet of Axelrod. You seem to have great difficulty in coming to grips with the idea that Obama may have some intelligence on his own.

    Don't you give the tiniest sigh of relief and gratitude each morning when you get up and realize that, in contrast to Mr. Bush, at long last we have a president who can actually form a complete sentence on his own? That the long national nightmare of the Bush years is finally over?
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  2. Mr. Jay:

    So far all we have from President Obama is repetition of socialist party slogans proclaimed as all-encompassing social goals. That is no more than David Axelrod, PR doyen, speaking to rally American and European liberal-progressive-socialists.

    The closest the President has come to proposing an effective program is to budget the greatest expansion of deficit financing ever contemplated in world history.

    Intelligence is not the same thing as judgment and leadership. President Obama has the one, but not the others.

    Both Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini were extraordinarily intelligent and brilliant speakers who not only could parse a complete sentence, but could organize political parties and move millions of citizens to destructive action. On the grounds you choose to defend the President, he is greatly outclassed by Hitler and Mussolini.
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  3. Mr. Jay-
    " long last we have a president who can actually form a complete sentence on his own?" May I assume that you've never heard Obama in a free talk forum? And may I hasten to add that the ability to deliver a transcribed speech on a teleprompter is not indicative of any level of wisdom or leadership ability. Obama's teleprompter expertise reminds me of the beauty contest contestants who, for talent, would deliver "a dramatic reading". They look great, but any real talent is, well, thin.
    Posted by Amendment X  on  05/27  at  11:17 AM
  4. Mr. Brewton,

    In the matter of the deficit, let us not lose sight of the fact that George Bush DOUBLED the national debt during his interregnum, and took us from a budget surplus to a place where the red ink is as deep as the ocean. And was the instigator of the current "Bail out" spending spree that you decry.

    I hesitate even to rise to your comparison of Obama to Hitler and El Duce. But as usual, you seem to live in a different reality from the rest of us, so let me try.

    During their WW I military careers, both Hitler and Duce rose only to the rank of corporal, hardly an indication of "extraordinary intelligence." Mussolini was regarded by Italians as a fat buffoon, not as a wizard.

    How do fascists come to power? Is it due to their abilities and intelligence as you seem to believe? Not really! They are typically beneficiaries of some terrible economic conditions, they add a dash of patriotism/nationalism, xenophobia, invented external/internal threats (in the form of terrorism or a class/race taking over your country perhaps) and before you know it your rights have been stripped away and a Fuhrer is running the country and invading others.

    Sound familiar? Would you say Cheney has the intelligence of Hitler or the Moose? Or is he, like them, merely cunning?
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  5. Amendment X repeats the limbaugn/hannity canard that Obama is somehow helpless without the teleprompter. I guess these folks missed the 25 debates that occurred in the run-up to the election.

    Part of the job of being President is being able to LEAD the country, and the ability to deliver a speech to motivate and inspire the country is fundamental to the task. Effective use of the Bully Pulpit is a main tool of the presidency.

    Of course, it would be out of place to "Orate" when providing answers at a news conference, but perhaps why there is a difference between normal conversation and the giving of a speech at an event is too difficult for the Conservative mind to grasp.
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  6. Mr. Jay-
    No. I was responding to your single indictment of George Bush as an ineffective leader because of sentence construction.
    Posted by Amendment X  on  05/27  at  12:16 PM
  7. Mr. Jay:

    You are correct that George W. Bush vastly increased deficit spending and the unfunded national debt, but what he did is a tiny fraction of what President Obama proposes.

    I do not defend George W. Bush's fiscal policies and his willingness to permit Denny Hastert and Tom Delay to pile on the pork to buy votes. Both Bushs are RINOs, products of Yale, one of our principal socialist trade schools. I do, however, defend President Bush's policies respecting the war on terror.

    With regard to Hitler's being only a corporal in WWI, bear in mind that the German army took its officers entirely from the aristocracy. Also bear in mind Ulysses S. Grant, who was a failed store keeper before the Civil War, and Harry Truman, who was a failed haberdasher before being elected to Congress.

    You are, however, totally wrong about Mussolini, who was wildly popular throughout Italy after coming to power. FDR had strong words of praise for him and was much impressed with Fascist State Corporatism, so much so that he copied it with his first major New Deal program, the NRA.

    Hitler's biography, Mein Kampf, was more influential than Obama's two works. Mussolini, who was a highly educated and articulate man, had been editor of Avante, the socialist party official news organ before World War I. If you regard El Duce as a fat buffoon, you obviously never have read his many articles and essays about socialism and his Fascist brand thereof.
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  8. Mr. Jay:

    With regard to your observation, "How do fascists come to power?
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  9. Mr. Brewton:

    I believe you do a disservice and significantly understate the training and qualifications of U.S. Grant when you dismiss him as a mere "failed storekeeper."

    Grant entered the US Military Academy at 17. In 1846, some three years after his graduation, he was promoted to a lieutenant in the Mexican
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  10. Mr. Brewton:

    When you say, "You have just described the Obama campaign and his administration
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  11. Tom- I'd also hasten to add that the reason tyrants/socialists come to power is also a combination of ignorance and/or the triumph of childish desire (limited but delusional short term self-interest) and/or fear over reason,logic and adult thinking.
    Posted by Amendment X  on  05/27  at  06:52 PM
  12. Mr. Axelrod is the pupeteer of the TOTUS, Obama. He will show up on the TV channels to rebut the truth about Obama with the same old BS lies used by everyone in the socialist/fascist party.
    Posted by Jason Leverette  on  05/27  at  10:13 PM
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