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Is There a Small Glowing Ember of Christianity in the President?

Under all the two-faced, empty rhetoric of his campaign crafted by his handler David Axelrod, maybe the President really feels guilty about betraying the Judeo-Christian focus on life.  Read Can Barack Obama Be Converted on Abortion? on the First Things website.


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  1. The post by Edward T. Oakes says that he believes that President Obama wrote his own books and speeches. So, your ad homonym introductory phrase,

    "two-faced, empty rhetoric ... crafted by his handler David Axelrod"

    appears to be without basis in fact.

    Thomas, why not simply and honestly ask the question, which would have been interesting on its own, without adding the slimy and unnecessary lead-in?
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  2. Mr. Jay:

    If you read David Axelrod's remarks in various interviews with friendly , MSM reporters during the early primary campaign, you will see that Axlerod literally created the public campaign persona of the President. With regard to the two-faced aspect see also Daniel Henninger's 100 Days: 'Harry, I Have a Gift'

    You will have to admit that the President often says one thing, at least as the press interprets his statements, then does the opposite.
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  3. Addendum:

    Ad hominem, by the way, does not include an accurate, though unflattering, description. It refers to calling someone names without a rational, factual basis for the description.
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  4. As long as he is a Collectivist he will not value each individual properly.

    The child in the womb is already a unique individual. Abortion negates every individual in a society accepting said cannibalism - and its parenting socialism. "Only numbers count," is as stupid as it gets in a 'civilized' society.

    All, the result of rule-by-glands, at the expense of the mind and its normal healthy ethos.
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  05/07  at  01:40 AM
  5. Mr Brewton,

    The post by Mr. Oakes that you cited is about 50% direct quotes of President Obama.

    If in your intro, you are implying that the quoted words of the post are typical of "empty rhetoric of Axelrod," you are saying in effect that these words were not the words of Obama but of Axelrod. If this is the implication you intended to convey, then the entire point of the post is lost.

    You can't have it both ways.

    You can't, on the one hand, examine in detail for deep meaning the "words" of Obama, while on the other hand say that the words in question are not actually Obama's, but Axelrod's.


    I would say that the term "Ad Hominem" is usually used to mean "against the person." It is usually used to distinguish a faulty and illogical type of argument. If you cannot argue against the substance of someone's argument, you attack the person himself. Whether or not the terms of the
    Ad Hominem attack are true, is immaterial.

    If you call somebody "a filthy cretin," for instance, it is not justified as a argument even if he is, in fact, a filthy cretin, because your attack is made to distract from the paucity of your own argument. (I am not, by the way, conceding the validity of your attack.)
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  6. "To make any sense of the idea of morality, it must be
    presumed that the human being is responsible for his
    actions and responsibility cannot be understood apart
    from the presumption of freedom of choice."
    John Chamberlain

    Obama is Mr. Oxymoron. Responsible? Of course. Justified? No! Other? "It's my parents fault..."

    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  05/18  at  01:35 AM
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