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Prosecute Nancy Pelosi for War Crimes

If war crimes were committed by the Bush administration officials who rendered legal and policy opinions regarding interrogation techniques for Islamic terrorists, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her House committee colleagues are equally guilty.  They were briefed in detail, but raised not a single objection.

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  1. If Speaker Pelosi gave her approval to torture, then she should be included in any action taken against those who approved the war crime of torture. She does not get a free pass just by virtue of being a Democrat.

    Similarly, the perpetrators-in-chief, no matter how high in "rank" cannot evade their guilt by merely pointing to others whom they may have let in on the disgusting secret torture program. To say, "Well, they knew about it," does not make the crime legal or moral.

    Any 12 year old knows what torture is, and it does not take a law degree to understand what it is. The "I-was-only-following-orders," defense was famously dismissed at Nuremberg.

    (And I would not put it beyond their conniving brains to have deliberately leaked some outlines of the procedure to buy themselves a little "insurance," in case these repugnant operations ever came to light.)

    We now have learned that many of these prisoners were tortured hundreds of times. What we do not know yet (and may never know) is how many died during the torture sessions.
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