The View From 1776

Sic Semper Socialismus

Britain’s socialist Labour Party Prime Minister boldly calls for what American liberal-progressive-socialists are more guarded in advocating: a one-world socialist government.

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  1. The view fears that Obama will

    "homogenize them into obedient satrapies under a collectivized overlordship."

    That's what I always say - "watch out for those sniveling satraps" - they will get you every time!
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  2. Obama can't pull it off although he could be the kind of mushy headed, sophomoric sap who'd think HE might. It's a mindset steeped in progressive mythology and historical ignorance, always divorced from hard, historical experience: The cult of the expert, the wishful thinking of keynesian economics or social statism in it's contemporary rationalization, abstract equality and 'Democracy' as representative of the 'general will', statist paternalism and collectivism. They just can't get their arms around a couple of things: human nature and the historical failure through the waste and inefficiancy their mythology produces when in power. Simply put: No organization should have such coercive power because no single human being or oligarchy is capable of excercisng such control without creating a nightmarish tyranny rather than facing their inevitable failure and the loss of power. It has always failed and it always will and nothing good will come out of it.
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  3. OTOH, Brown' opposition has made a bit of a splash in Parliament and in the US media, opposing the continued moved of the UK to the left, and staking out a clear, clean alternative.
    Posted by jgo  on  03/29  at  12:59 PM
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