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Understanding Obama - One More Aspect

One of the President’s most fundamental aims is to “change” our healthcare system into one resembling the one-payer system in Canada and the UK.

To understand some of what that will mean to you as an individual dealing with medical needs, read Natasha Richardson and “Medical Capital” on the Mises Economics Blog.

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  1. I thought you said the phrase was one-prayer, not one-payer, but either way.....

    So my eyes are tired, oh well, not the firsat time!
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  2. This a sad story, especially for the fact that The View thinks people should stand on their own and not dependent on the state for healthcare or life.

    Richardson chose not to ware a helmet when skiing, an act that could have saved her life. Conservatives, one should be reminded, believe that individuals should be able to make such choices for themselves without government intervention. So the origins of Richardson's death has little to do with the State being inadequately prepared as The View insists. Really, then, the onus for Richardson's death lies with her own behavior and not with her not getting immediate medical attention from the State, or the failure of the Canadian medical community as The View babbles on about.
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  3. So, David, she would have died either way.

    Young people are ignorant and don't know it, David.

    They need to be protected from themselves and their ignorance. Helmet laws, seat-belt laws, and active cell phone laws, etc. protect some young ignorance from causing deaths.

    The socialized Canadian medical community failed their own youths, and instead, praciced their own variety of ignorance - and she died. Dead.

    Multi-level dumb justification in the name of ignorant Freedom? Dumber yet...
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  03/24  at  11:08 PM
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