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  1. Limbaugh's "slant" on the news is often wry, but he usually distorts the central point to make his "joke."

    The reason John Thain was fired by Bank of America from M-Lynch is that he spent 1.2 million of corporate funds on his office curtains while simultaneously laying off staff due to lack of money.

    Limbaugh makes it sound like Thain was ousted by a government person for his impropriety.
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  2. Evoking Rush Limbaugh is like evoking Ann Coulter. Both spout crap upon, crap.

    Imagine The View stooping so low to make a point. However, I bet we can expect more of this in the future as The View becomes more desperate in making its point.
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  3. I can't stand Rush Limbaugh. He is a huckster out to make a buck and that I don't mind as that is his right but, too many people listen to him. He misses the point, for example, in that we don't need tax cuts, we need tax reform.

    We have to pay for what our government does and that takes tax revenues rising but, I understand where he is coming from.

    When you raise taxes you hurt the economy because if they come from people, it reduces their income that could be spent or invested. If you tax business then all tax is passed on to the consumer in higher prices and that reduces their buying power and encourages them to buy lower price imports.

    Yet, we don't need to raise taxes, just lower the cost of doing taxes. Since many businesses spend 300% to 500% more than they pay in taxes, just to comply with tax regulations, we could have business pay 200% more in taxes but cut that 300% to 500% to less than 100% and they would make more money and be able to pay workers more or lower prices or both and still be paying more tax.

    In some cases, a business can use tax code exemptions and loopholes and spend $800,000 and save a million in taxes such as in a merger or buying new equipment or buildings or another company, etc. That improves their bottom line by $200,000 but, the consumer paid that $800,000 in the prices he paid.

    Yes, he kept the price down a faction lower than it would have had the entire million been paid in taxes, but, only a fraction. Far better to have a simple tax code that doesn't use taxes to encourage or discourage business behavior and costs very little to comply with. That would lower prices much more than the games business plays with the 17,000 page tax code we have.

    Rush and others, like Ann Coulter, would do much better trying educate than trying to alienate people. But, maybe they are afraid they wouldn't make as much money doing that.

    Our nation is filled with ignorant voters and people like Rush just make it worse.
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