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Perceptions of Reality

For eight years Democrat/Socialists have cursed President Bush as an illegitimate and criminally-directed leader.  Adjusting to the fact that few of their charges were true is going to be hard for them, but president-elect Obama has started the process.

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  1. Obama has shown little interest in having Bush and Cheney brought up on charges for their alleged war crimes, and prefers to look toward a national healing as more important than focusing on past sins.

    Others (conservatives, in particular) say that this is a nation where the "rule of law" is a bedrock and paramount part of the social contract. If crimes were committed, they should be prosecuted.

    If Bush had committed murder while in office, he would surely have been prosecuted. Should the certainty of charge, prosecution, (and if guilty, judgment), be any different for someone guilty of war crimes? Is the president above the law?
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  2. Should Obama (and others) be prosecuted for abusing the laws of nature in his positions on sodomy-marriage and cannibalizing unborn humans?

    Which Laws are to be respected and obeyed as primary to civil laws of state and nation? Why?

    Why do states and nations make laws of human 'Rights' that are in contradiction of Nature? Does it matter? Can we envision a future where individual Freedom can last under perversion of Nature? Will it deserve to?
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/23  at  07:59 PM
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