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Hollywood’s Love Affair with Homicidal Tyranny

Hollywood is preparing new movies to burnish the images of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, two of the most deplorable mass killers and tyrants in the history of Latin America. 

It’s hardly news that Hollywood actors, directors, and producers display their anti-Americanism by extolling the supposed virtues of Castro’s Cuba and the purported heroic virtue of Che Guevara.  What’s surprising is their evident readiness to put lots of money where their mouths are.  Hollywood studios believe that there is a large market for anti-American and pro-socialist movies.

Perhaps Russian professor Igor Panarin is onto something.

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  1. No one is smarter than their criteria...and that includes leftist Russian scientists!

    Though the election is over, Gov. Sarah is being attacked by the leftist-humanists because they fear her re-appearance on a future ballot. They are afraid and rightly so! She is a perceptive excellent candidate to represent the Founders Principles and our American way of life with intelligent courage.

    Additionally, since no one is smarter than their criteria, the collectivists are working from a pre-chosen mediocre (and worse) set of man-made carnal-ruled opinions that delimit perception of consequences-of-choice prior to choosing. In other words, they lack Vision. Based on a universe-sized ignorance, such devices are self-imposed, thus, the lefties can accurately and historically be defined as unintelligent.

    On the other hand, Sarah and her chosen criteria, which is far superior to any man-made system of opinion, and reasonably scares those who possess no practicing standard greater than mediocrity. Their collectivist opinion rises no higher than eyebrows - or belly-button.

    Sarah lives life governed by God's superior transcendent principles as found in The Holy Bible. Judeo-Christian principles are the founding precepts of the greatest nation in human history; America! Including, but not limited to, Human Defined: Earth's Choicemaker, Unique Individual Value, Personal Rights and Responsibility, and Representative Government. Add: The Creative Process is a choice-making process and functions best in Freedom.

    ( 5th Grade Lesson: God-made social criteria cannot be topped. All man-made social opinion has a ceiling! )

    ( 6th Grade Lesson: Every IQ Test is a test of one's ability to make choices. )

    Sarah is recognized by friends and admirers a worthy representative of all that is wonderful about America. 2012 will be here shortly. Keep your eye on this courageous intelligent leader - and pray!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy 2009 AD!

    Jim Baxter
    Santa Maria, CA

    semper fidelis
    Sgt. USMC
    WWII & Korean War
    a point-man/follower of The Lion of Judah

    5th Grade Teacher - 30 wonderful years !
    My favorite teachers are Sir Isaac Newton and Dr. Henry Margenau. jfb
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  12/30  at  12:00 PM
  2. Hey, What's so bad about a guy who wants to obliterate parts of America? Haven't you ever fantasized about, "Wouldn't it be something if Southern California just drifted out to sea ?

    Re tose So Cal Hollywood celebrities I submit:

    For some people, idealism and generosity of spirit blurs into utopianism, and good intentions get the best of their logic. Thomas Sowell's book, "Is Reality Optional," explores this odd mental abstraction that seduces well meaning folks into irrational schemes that have never worked. To illustrate, we can look at three categories of individuals who will advocate such failed but seductive utopian policies:

    First, the well-meaning people who adopt utopian visions with a generosity of good intentions, sometimes, unfortunately, developing into a religious fervor. Some of these have admitted that, even though their dreams of the Russian "experiment" have been shattered, "they had to believe," they could not live without some such hope of a better world, and they will always continue to believe, in spite of anything. Because America is not the equal of their vision of perfection, these idealists become, at heart, anti-American. These are the kinds of people that are lured into being camp followers, "the useful idiots" that Stalin loved. They actually want to believe there can be a "Heaven On Earth."

    While their thinking processes can be deplored, those misguided idealists are not nearly as dangerous as the Second group of anti-Americans who lead them on. Many observors have noted a connection between utopianists and totalitarians. Anyone fixated on creating "the perfect society" must by definition overcome or control the human failings of their people. Making a society "better" by means of top-down direction requires forceful application of rules and regulations designed to do just that. Of course, such control limits freedom, and if the elites in power decide the common people are wasting their money on consumer trifles at Walmart, they would have to close down Wal-Mart, etc, etc. It is the intellectual arrogance of this type of thinker that encourages utopian schemes--it gives them a place to rule from on top, applying their latest brilliant solutions to the perceved problems of the nation. And that makes them and their egos feel great! Many of our academics, politicians, amd intelligentsias fall into this category, motivated by a lust for power, and a shrewd knowledge of how to find a role for themselves at the top.

    The Hollywood elites and related celebrities may represent a Third group with a vision flawed enough to admire a Che Guevara--and for several obvious reasons: First, because of the celebrity status that the media gives "Stars", and the adoring fans, which admittedly many of them well deserve, their egos and arrogance must reach heights few of us can comprehend. An inflated ego is essential to tell others how to live!

    Second, as members of a self-proclaimed cultural elite, they wish for the sort of totalitarian power that would allow them to bring to fruition their own utopian fantasies. Even though those fantasies often involve reducing waste, conserving energy, and cutting toxic emissions, their logic, or lack thereof, fails to recognize that their lifestyles are the worst offenders in those regards. However, Ego, power, and dreams have always been a heady drug, as well as a deadly mix for those who must obey.

    Thirdly, the celebrities are among the least educated population group. And not just in schooling. Many of them "made it big" due to some God-given natural talent and as a result they never gained experience with the realities of everyday life for ordinary working people. Their experience is one of relatively effortless affluence, sheltered in their limos and private jets, more insulated than the academics in their ivory towers. Ironically, most of them do have the common sense to employ the best financial advisors to invest their vast earnings into the American capitalist system to maintain their privileged lifestyles.
    Posted by bill greene  on  01/01  at  06:51 PM
  3. Mr. Greene, you are exactly right!

    However, they all are motivated by a common need for self-justification which the mind cannot create or fulfill: primary carnal/glandular rule of the mind and its 'criteria.'

    Ignorance is their prime excuse behind the window dressing of limited/limiting humanistic 'education.' The egoistic predicament cannot be solved by any human means. By choice they are stuck - and wonder why...??? (They are not the actual center.)

    Joel 3:14 Psalm 25:12 KJV

    Jim Baxter
    pointman/follower of The Lion of Judah
    semper fidelis
    No one is smarter than their criteria.
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/02  at  01:28 PM
  4. Mr. Baxter, There you go again! You've gone and elevated this discussion to a higher and deeper level:

    You say there is no way to solve "the egoistic predicament," but I have always lived by the motto, "There's no such word as 'can't.'" The related question, more importantly, is, have you and I solved it ? Because if we have, why can't they?

    When you say "by choice they are stuck" you suggest they could choose to be different. Aren't they simply surrendering to what you describe as "the common need for self-justification?"

    I suggest that it's all the fault of hubris, or "insolent pride" (per my dictionary). Doesn't Christianity warn us about that? Is it a Commandment? Would children brought up in a traditional Christian atmosphere be more immune and able to resist pride by their own human means? And aren't the irreligious, by nature, more prideful than the Faithful simply because they think they can live without any Divine Guidance?

    In my analysis of economic history I suggest that Christianity was one of the "secret weapons" of the West. One contribution was that the Lessons from the Bible helped shape the ordinary people of those societies to be both more cooperative and enterprising than people living under the Islamic Faith or those subdued by the passive Oriental philosophies. Part of this Judeo-Christian cooperative spirit came from controlling hubris, loving and respecting all people, and recognizing a Higher Spiritual Authority.

    And by recognizing God as Supreme we were innoculated against exalting either Kings or our own vanity. That is the essential "mindset" that empowered ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Their Christian God freed them from obedience to secular authority, and cleansed them of the smug conceit that accompanies hubris. Possessing the virtue of humility was essential in all innovations and scientific discovery because a basic distrust of one's hypotheses is the sine qua non of experimental science.

    We can see these principles all around us: Al Gore, with his huge hubris, has absolutely no doubt that Global Warming is mankind's biggest threat. There are those who remain convinced that mandating Ethanol in gas was a good idea. But ordinary people keep better control over their minds, they will be skeptical, reserve judgment, and respond cautiously to such remote and uncertain concepts.

    If one's ability to control "hubris" is not the result of sound childhood training or the inculcation of religious values and commandments, then we must conclude some people are genetically different from others. It is hard to believe that genetics could divide us into two camps, and yet that could be the answer to my hypothesis that ordinary people make good things happen, and soft-science intelligentsias get in the way.

    The basis for this possible "rule" is that ordinary self-deprecating people know that most things they try to do, no matter how hard they plan it out, still "come a cropper." Isn't that Murphy's Law? If something can go wrong, it will! But by applying common sense and trial and error, they find a way to make things work. Quite differently, those with minds that fall in love with abstractions, and who give in to their irrepressible egos, will THINK up a solution, and convinced they are right, will pursue it forever, even if it fails in practice--ala the Russian 70 year experiment with a communal economy.

    I don't know the answer, but it would be good to know why those on the Left have such a defective vision or mind-set. I mean, they actually believe in their view of how people and governments should function! And they're about one-half the population. Until we find the explanation, and a "cure," we are the ones that are "stuck" because we have to (Ugh!) co-exist with them.
    Posted by bill greene  on  01/02  at  05:58 PM
  5. You give too much credit to those who choose collective hiding places for guilt and moral failure. Its all window dressing that hopefully covers their personal sin & responsibility.

    Add: no one can be humble on purpose - as an act of the will. Even some shallow 'believers' want no more religion & faith than they can 'handle.'

    Humility is the natural result of a perception of superiority. Lacking that, there is no real humility. Teaching to His superiority is the living obligation of every Christian's faith.

    He is superior in every way! He is worthy.

    semper fidelis
    Jim Baxter
    pointman/follower of The Lion of Judah
    Joel 3:14 Psalm 25:12 kjv

    P.S. There is no human way to solve the egoistic problem. It had to be solved by God in just the way He did it. Only a superior person could displace my personal ego. DONE!
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/03  at  11:03 AM
  6. "To make any sense of the idea of morality, it must be presumed that the human being is responsible for his actions and responsibility cannot be understood apart from the presumption of freedom of choice." John Chamberlain

    The vast universe of our ignorance cannot make us answerable for all we do not know. It is self-imposed ignorance for which we are guilty and will be held responsible.
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/03  at  11:11 AM
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