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Weather Paganism

Maggie’s Farm has an interesting update on the fatuity of faith in man-made global warming.

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  1. The flat earth crowd seem to be feeling their oats. It is a good thing that burning at the stake has gone out of fashion. I guess this Maggie's Farm post is just another indication of the dismal level of science literacy in this country.

    The post bemoans a lack of "scientific proof" for "computer models." It is a fundamental lack of understanding of what science is all about to believe that science attempts to "prove" anything. (If you want "Proofs," study mathematics, logic and geometry.)

    Science gathers evidence to explain natural behavior. If enough data support an idea, the scientist may produce a hypothesis, which can be further refined into a theory. But science is always open to refinements of theories.

    To the lay person who finds security in black or white reasoning, a refinement of a theory indicates a defect in the scientist or in the laboratory. "He was wrong!" In actuality, the continuous refinement of theories is the essence of how science advances. New data nearly always means the current model is due to be reworked to fit the data.

    Fitting the model to the data is not "cheating," as suggested by the post. Making the model fit the data is how you get closer to understanding nature.

    The evidence supporting man's contribution to global warming gets stronger every day. While the predictive models are constantly being refined and made more precise, that refinement does not mean that the models were "right" or "wrong," but only that the science is getting better.
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  2. Mr. Jay, it's a pity that man-made global warming worshippers don't follow the regimen you have outlined. They simply ignore all contradictory evidence, attacking and ostracizing anyone having the temerity to challenge their pagan bigotry.

    The condescending tone of your comments not withstanding:

    More than 31,000 scientists across the U.S.
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  3. A theory must be posited in such a way that it is testable or falsifiable. The theory of man-made climate change is framed like a religious belief system and is not falsifiable while dependent on subjective data collection where 'facts' that fit are retained while those that don't are ignored. That is not 'science' and the political and economic pressure placed on those who disagree is your first clue. It is an ideological belief system rooted in the hatred of mankind and the worship of the collective or the state. It has as much in common with objective reality as Marx's historicism or Rousseau's deification of the 'general will'. It's the latest manifestation of elitist paranoia in search of a justification for arbitrary power and control over others. A discussion regarding the sun cycles or historic co2 levels for instance are not permitted among the true belivers while they seem to have no problem with falsifing real data when out of sync with their predeterminations. If one belives the theory as presented is true or 'settled science', one would believe anything.
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  4. Never forget:

    "No one is smarter than their criteria." selah
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  5. Mr. Brewton,

    This so-called petition you cite is of highly questionable worth. It was faked in the format of a National Academy of Sciences format, which even (the late) Dr. Seitz admitted was inappropriate.

    The alleged 30,000 names on the petition contain many duplicates, bogus names (movie stars, etc) as well as many people of no expertise in the field.

    If that is the sole basis for your belief, you should look into it further before staking you credibility on it.
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  6. The 'hockey stick' fraud says it all. How many 'signed on' to that?
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  7. I managed to get trough all of those links and my view of global warming remains the same. This process is happening and it has to be stopped. The only sure thing is that we can
    Posted by Roger MLM Leads  on  01/16  at  05:50 PM
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