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Obama and Ayers Pushed Radicalism In Schools

Senator Obama, probably the only editor of the Harvard Law Review ever to lack the credentials to clerk for one of the nation’s prestigious Federal judges, went instead into liberal-progressive-socialist activism aimed at radicalizing young students and fomenting discord in low-income neighborhoods.

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  1. Mr. Brewton,

    Why do you say Obama lacked the credentials to clerk for a Federal Judge? Is this just another of your smears, or do you actually know something that the rest of the world has missed?

    Incidentally, Bill Ayers is very similar in many ways to that paragon of the far right, Ollie North. Both engaged in illegal activities to further their passionately held political views. North's efforts to illegally arm the contras would have resulted in the deaths of thousands, probably many of whom would have been innocent peasants. North was convicted of 10 felonies (Ayers was never convicted). Both escaped punishment by getting off on what we call "technicalities."

    I suppose one difference is that the left does not hold Ayers up as a role model, but the right fawns over North as some kind of later day hero - just like they love that other miserable creature, G. Gordon Liddy, of the Nixon era.

    I wonder if McCain every met with Ollie north? Would such a meeting taint him in the way you believe Ayers tainted Obama by being appointed by the Mayor of Chicago to the same board?
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  2. Mr. Henrie:

    I can't state it as a fact, but I'm willing to bet that Senator Obama is the only Harvard Law Review editor who did not clerk for a Federal judge, if not for a Supreme Court Justice. It is a fact that he did not clerk for any prestigious judge after his graduation from Harvard Law.

    Senator Obama was not an honors graduate from Columbia. Almost no one gains admission to Harvard Law School without such credentials. We know that for Senator Obama to do so required special help from Manhattan Borough President Percy Sutton, at the behest of Senator Obama's puppeteer David Axelrod.

    We also know that Senator Obama refuses to make public his academic record at Harvard and that others have asserted that he is the only Harvard Law Review editor in modern history who did not rank at the top of his class. The further assertion is that this odd set of circumstances reflects the pounding that the Law School then was enduring at the hands of Professor Derrick Bell, who was demanding special preferences for black students and black professors.

    On your other point, the similarity you perceive between Bill Ayers and Colonel Oliver North is tenuous.

    Colonel North fought for his country's freedom and did his best to overcome Democrat/Socialist Congress members' efforts to support Fidel Castro's exportation of communism to other Caribbean countries and to enlist them as allies of the Soviet Union.

    Bill Ayers did, and continues to this day to do his best to undermine the Constitution of the United States.
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  3. You then agree that your statement that Obama "lacked the credentials" to clerk for a judge is mere surmise on your part. You have no facts to support it.

    Are you not aware that Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude? According to Harvard, this puts him in the top 20% of his class.

    Ollie North was indeed a platoon leader in Vietnam and won a purple heart. This does not excuse his later multiple felony convictions.

    Or are you arguing that in North's case, he is a hero anyway because the "rule of law" applies only to those who disagree with your politics?
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  4. Mr. Henrie:

    Roughly three quarters of each Harvard class graduate cum laude. It's analogous to a kindergarten gold star for participation. When it's almost impossible to graduate from Harvard with less than a B+ average, grades and honors are far less meaningful than in past generations. Harvard's president Derek Bok recently deplored the Ivy League's grade inflation and the absence of rigorous education in subjects requiring analytical ability and familiarity with Western civilization.

    Magna cum laude is very far from the top of the class, which is the usual requirement for getting a prestigious clerkship. There are many hundreds of applications each year from law school graduates for each of the positions in the relative handful of clerkships coming available.

    Being at the top of the Law School's class is the normal requirement for being named editor of the Harvard Law Review. Senator Obama lacked that qualification.

    In part, qualification for appointment to a top clerkship rides upon the quality of each candidate's legal writing in major law reviews. We know that Senator Obama wrote only a single article for the Harvard Law Review, far less than the norm for the publication's editor.

    Those are solid facts supporting my statement that Senator Obama lacked the credentials for a top law clerkship.

    With regard to Colonel North, I am not arguing "that in North
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  5. Mr. Brewton,

    While you denigrate graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard as being "very far from the top of the class," this does not square with the official Harvard information which states that the Summa and Magna ranks fall into the top 20% by grades received. You may consider ranking ahead of 80% of your Harvard classmates as piffle, but I assure you that most would not agree with you.

    You then assume he did not clerk because he could not obtain a spot. You dismiss the possibility that he consciously chose to go back to Chicago instead of clerking. Isn't it a little presumptuous and arrogant to just "assume" that he tried and failed?

    A New York Times Article on Obama, dated 1990, interviewing him about his surprising election to the Law Review, reported that,

    "Mr. Obama said he planned to spend two or three years in private law practice and then return to Chicago to re-enter community work, either in politics or in local organizing."

    Obama was on the boards of many groups while in Chicago, and had contact with hundreds of people of incredibly diverse backgrounds and pasts. You crucify him, ex post facto, for not investigating the distant past of one particular board member, and for not resigning from that board because of the radical opinions of that board member. Should members of Congress resign because they do not agree with the noxious opinions of other congressmen? This "guilt by association" attack is a low form of argument and I would expect better of the View.

    Would you, for instance, resign from your church, if you were aware of odious opinions of another church member?
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