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NATO’s Uncertain Future

Confronting a newly aggressive Russia, Barack Obama’s reaction would be to go humbly to Moscow, with no preconditions, set up his teleprompter on the coffee table between himself and Prime Minister Putin, and read him a soul-stirring speech about coming together, then leave the problem in the UN’s hands.

Jeff Lukens looks at the reality of the situation.

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  1. Lukens says,

    "NATO has already committed more to the region than it is prepared to support. No one wants to go to war over Georgia or Ukraine, and the US cannot confront the Russians alone."

    No one except McCain, that is.

    In his stump speaches McCain has belligerently said he wants to go to war with Russia over Georgia (and Palin repeated this in her one interview so far).

    After eight years of "Bomb 'em first, talk later," the country is ready for Obama's more measured approach to foreign policy than McCain's adoption of Bush's coyboy masochism.

    "Bomb, bomb, bomb! Bomb, bomb, Iran!" is only one of McCains outbursts that reveal his character. This was intended as a joke, of course. But it gives us an insight into the man, none the less.
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