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Chicago-Style Politics Goes National

Senator Obama’s purported ability to bring people of all political persuasions together in the peace and harmony of socialism, under the collectivized political state, is now revealed as a rapidly crumbling faux front.  Senator Obama’s handler David Axelrod, veteran of Chicago’s dirty-tricks politics, sharpens the knife.

Read Peggy Noonan’s Why It’s Getting Mean.

Lots of signs of the new darkness. Mr. Obama’s army is swarming, blocking lines when Obama critics show up for radio interviews. A study out Thursday said the Obama campaign has become more negative than the McCain campaign. There is the hacking

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  1. I weep for the sainted McCain, the McCain who "approved" of the ad saying Obama promoted sex ed for kindergartners, the McCain who said Obama would rather win an election than support his country.

    Some high school kid hacks into Palin's email and it is Obama's fault.

    Noonan says, "People want depth."

    I suppose Palin is an exemplar of "depth." Her selection was made to lift a failing campaign out of the slough of despond - which, to Noonan's dismay, it is now plunging back into, not dragged down by the magnetism of Obama but by its own turgid weight.
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