The View From 1776

A Movie Made For TV

Both Senator Obama and his wife seem to view campaigning as a series of Actors Studio, method-acting performances to project whatever image their radical left-wing handlers deem appropriate for the audience at hand.  They’re not just flip-flopping, they’re reinterpreting their performances in response to their liberal-progressive-socialist stage directors.

Read Byron York’s review comparing Michelle Obama’s performance in Denver with her performance in Charlotte, Noroth Carolina.

Bottom line:  There is no there there; just an inexperienced young man who very much wants to become President of the United States, one who is prepared to say anything and to change any previously enunciated policy view if doing so will sway the voters.

Actors, of course, don’t have to be what they portray.  But Presidents of the United States should be the real thing.

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  1. To claim Obama at 47 is disqualified by his "youth" reveals an ignorance of history. JFK, FDR, Teddy Rooselvelt, Grant, Cleveland, were all younger than Obama when elected, and many other presidents were in their early 50's.

    A more serious handicap is extreme old age when despite one's best intentions and efforts, the mind begins to fail.

    Obama is in his middle years, McCain is approaching his dotage. White hair and old age is not evidence of wisdom. You can reach high age number by making the same mistakes over and over.
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  2. Mr. Henrie:

    Please read my comment again. You are overlooking the key word: inexperienced.

    Not even you can claim that his record amounts to any kind of experience that will fit him for the presidency. Every President in the 20th and 21st centuries had vastly greater executive experience, at a high state or national level.

    Senator Obama's lone executive experience was in working with socialist agitators to induce low-incone Chicagoans to demand greater Federal and state welfare handouts.

    Part of a first term as United States Senator, during which he failed to vote or failed to take a stand on a number of controversial issues, isn't enough to demonstrate whether he has executive potential.

    I can guarantee you that no major corporation would even consider hiring as CEO a man with such a thin resume.
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  3. Mr. B:

    How much of the following would you agree is "experience"?

    Occidental College (2) years
    Columbia University, (4) years Major: International Relations, BA degree.
    Business International Corporation, (1)year
    New York Public Interest Research Group (3) years
    Chicago community organizer (3)years
    Director of the Developing Communities Project (DCP)
    Gamaliel Foundation, Consultant
    International travel (Europe, Africa)
    Harvard Law School
    Editor, Harvard Law Review
    President of the Law Review (supervised staff of 80 editors)
    Graduated (J.D.) magna cum laude from Harvard, '91
    Work for law firms Sidley & Austin, Hopkins & Sutter.
    University of Chicago Law School fellowship
    Wrote "Dreams from My Father"
    Directed Illinois "Project Vote" staff of 700
    University of Chicago Law School, (12) years lecturer in Constitution Law.
    Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, (3) as an associate attorney
    "Public Allies" founding member
    Woods Fund of Chicago, board member
    The Joyce Foundation, Board member.
    Chicago Annenberg Challenge, Board member
    Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights, Board member
    Center for Neighborhood Technology, Board member
    Lugenia Burns Hope Center, Board member
    State Senate, 1997
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  4. Mr. Henrie:

    You would never make it as personnel manager of any organization.

    Attending school and teaching is zero executive experience. Senator Obama has never had any kind of executive experience, which means that we have no way of knowing whether he is capable of operating and making decisions under intense pressures of the sort that characterize the presidency.

    We do know that the answers he gives to unexpected questions are rambling and "maybe this, or perhaps that," because he has never had to face situations of executive responsibility. We also know that Senator Obama has avoided taking a position on controversial issues. He often votes present, or simply absents himself during key votes in the Senate. Executives do not have that sort of ivory-tower, academic luxury. They have to make decisions, often quickly and with fragmentary information.

    President Bush served two highly successful terms as governor of one of the largest states in the union, so successfully that he was endorsed by the Democratic lieutenant governor for re-election. Prior to that he had organized and run an oil business and had been the CEO of a major league baseball team.
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