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Barack Obama and Woodrow Wilson

There is a striking parallel between the naivete of Senator Obama and President Woodrow Wilson in their expectation of imposing a liberal-progressive model of peace upon a fractious world.

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  1. The view loves to say that Obama is like this or that figure, and that that figure was a dismal failure, ergo Obama is a failure. This is the traditional "straw man" form of argument, which tends not to be very persuasive.

    The challenge to the View is not to tell us which horrible socialist it believes Obama resembles, but rather to give us a model that he should, if he were wise, emulate. Please tell us, in the footsteps of which great American of the past 20 years should he follow?
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  2. George Washington. Read his farewell address and he covers everything from party loyalty to foreign wars to foreign trade relationship.s

    Only a fool would vote for Obama but, then only a fool would vote for McCain.

    Neither party follows the principles of a Republic nor those of the great leaders of this nation. We have not had a good leaders since the 1900's began. In 1913 we destroyed the checks and balance we had and began the long road to where we are.

    Both candidates are planning spending that will add $800 to $1 trillion to the debt. Debt in the U.S. (individual, city, state, corporate and Federal is 370% of GDP not counting unfunded liabilities that would put it at $111 trillion

    Federal Debt: $9 TRILLION
    State & Local Debt: $2 TRILLION
    Total Government Debt: $11 TRILLION



    Household Debt: $13 TRILLION
    Business Debt: $9 TRILLION
    Financial Debt: $14 TRILLION
    Foreign Debt: $2 TRILLION
    Total Private Debt: $38 TRILLION


    Government Debt: $11 TRILLION
    Private Debt: $38 TRILLION
    Unfunded Debt: $62 TRILLION
    Total Debt: $111 TRILLION

    There is no possible way, according to testimony to Congress to grow (republicans) or tax (democrats) out of this. Not even with a combination of growth and taxing can we get out of this mess. During testimony in Congress, Bernanke was asked by one Congressman how long they could wait to enact the reforms needed to avoid the crisis we face. Bernanke told Congress, ten years ago.

    That testimony is supported by many economists who understand fiat currencies and a debt based society. And, to make it worse, we have the world's reserve currency that means the world has the ability to collapse us just by stopping the lending to us or ending the use of the dollar for commodities and IMF loans and other things the dollar is used for.

    So, vote for neither party or either party. It doesn't matter anymore. However, the American people want "change" and that is what Obama promises and I believe he will win and Congress will be or will almost be with RINOs, a veto proof Congress controlled by democrats.

    I also believe the next President won't keep most of the promises he is now making. The global market is going to raise the interest rates so much that our economy will crash and the next President will face a depression that can't be ended until all the imbalances have fixed themselves and that, even with "help" from the government will take a decade or more.
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