The View From 1776

The Socialist Political State in Action

Speed and efficiency have never been the hallmarks of the socialist political state.

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  1. The posting says that the reconstruction of the New York's World Trade Center

    "is a typical example of socialist state planning. This fiasco is a model for what so-called progressive liberals, led by Senator Barack Obama, intend for socialized strangulation of the entire economy."

    We can all be thankful that the Trade Center is being constructed under a Republican Mayor. I can't imagine what invective Mr. Brewton would have favored us with, had the mayor actually been a Democrat. Poor Mr. Obama. He is now associated, by Mr. Brewton's reckoning, with the slow pace of construction in New York.

    If we get a hurricane this summer, Mr. Obama better be ready with a good explanation for Mr. Brewton why a progressive liberal socialist would allow that to happen.
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