The View From 1776

The Third Commandment

Taking God’s name in vain is a serious matter, either trivializing God and His Son Jesus, or inferentially elevating ourselves to the role of God.

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  1. The ego initiates the self to a kind of god-hood in the bearer's mind. Such a false center of All is misleading in every avenue, opinion, and viewpoint.
    It is the most obvious reason a lie is traded off as truth. Humanism is not convinced they lack the power and authority.

    An eternal surprise (to their ignorance) awaits every single humanist. Freedom to choose determines 'sheep from goats.' Then, the Real Story of humanity really begins...without the goats.

    a follower of The Lion of Judah
    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  06/30  at  12:49 AM
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