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Al Gore’s Bloviation is Not Science

Read Yellow Science, in which James Kerian discusses shortcomings of the man-made global warming hypothesis, as well as the motivations for the pseudo scientists who flog this dead horse that will be so costly to humanity if their procrustean regimen is adopted.

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  1. James Kerian, the author of "Yellow Science," is a recent graduate of Gonzaga College in mechanical engineering, and hails from Grafton, North Dakota. (I have a brother-in-law who once passed through North Dakota, and reported that it was a fine place.) I am sure Mr. Kerian has ample credentials to weigh in on global warming, since North Dakota reports some of the coldest temperatures on record.
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  2. It's a shame that James Kerian's confusion over the identity of the scientific philosophical authority on whom he relies, isn't his worst inaccuracy in his yellow science screed (Wall Street Journal, June 28). The man's name was Sir Arthur Eddington, a British astrophysicist not to be confused - unless one's recently completed studies in mechanical engineering left one a little insularized - with, perhaps, Thomas Edison. Yet an out-of-context reading of misnamed Eddington's dictum about science, is Kerian's lance as he rides out to meet the giant and inexorably turning windmills of international scientific consensus on human-caused climate change. Along for the ride are the usual devices of low argumentation. For example, in quoting the U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon's view that the time for debate is over, Kerian takes a predictable side-swipe saying that we can leave aside the question of secretary-general's qualifications. I do understand, of course, why a young mechanical engineer who sells refrigeration equipment in Grafton, North Dakota might, indeed be willing, even anxious, to put aside issues of qualifications in a discussion about the science of global warming.

    But what is harder to fathom is why a generally respected newspaper like the Wall Street Journal allots space to so inexpert and uninformed a viewpoint, to someone who would toss off utterly inaccurate statements such as that the only evidence for human-caused climate change is mere statistical correlations. That implies that the very detailed accounts of mechanisms whereby increasing release of so-called greenhouse gases are traced through to, for example, declining polar ice cover and retreating glacial masses. It seems almost as if publishing Kerian's lowbrow attack serves no other purpose than to re-energize the deniers and help to maintain a vague vernacular sense that substantive controversy over the existence of human-caused global warming still exists. Gee, I think I can see a distinctively yellow aura surrounding this article and WSJ's peculiar decision to feature it.
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  3. Hear! Hear! Well spoke, Norman!
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