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Let’s Be Fair To Senator Obama

It’s unreasonable to expect him to understand economics and foreign policy. 

His experience is limited, first, to working with left-wing community agitator Saul Alinsky organizing welfare dependents to demand more government handouts, then, to working as a ward-heeler in the corruption of Chicago politics to become a state senator.


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  1. Also, to be fair and accurate, we must credit him with the ignorance he possesses, which may disqualify him from being even a trainee for President of the United States - let alone elected...

    Whle he talks very little about solutions that define change as 'good,' he says alot that indicate he doesn't know what is Good. He never even mentions criteria for choice.

    Real reporters would never let him get away with what he doesn't say! Of course, real reporting is old-fashioned. True; it had character!

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    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  05/29  at  05:45 PM
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