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Senator Obama’s Delusions of Grandeur

Read The Problem With Talking to Iran by Amir Taheri.

For additional background, see Negotiating For What? and War No More.

Columnist Cal Thomas presents the unvarnished reality:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is the polar opposite of John F. Kennedy.

Judging from recent comments, Obama apparently would pay no price, bear no burden, forsake any hardship, support any foe and oppose any friend that wished to pursue liberty. Kennedy understood that evil exists in the world. He saw it in World War II as his generation defeated the evil that gripped Europe and Japan. And he witnessed it as president when Nikita Khrushchev approved the building of the Berlin Wall and the installation of Soviet missiles in Cuba, acts that flowed from Khrushchev’s perception that the young president was weak and inexperienced.

Obama thinks he can negotiate with evil and transform evil into something else…

Obama’s “strategy” for dealing with evil is the progeny of a secular age that sees everything bad as curable through counseling, good intentions masquerading as wishful thinking and/or pharmaceutical intervention. Prosperity and a sense of entitlement have dulled our senses to what evil looks like.


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  1. Well, the socialistic-minded humanists reject any truth that affords 'being judgemental.' Now, we can't sit in jusgement of others, now, can we?

    To cover for their poor blunder of holding that homosexual behavior is a variety of 'natural,' the modern psychiatrist says that "character of a man is simply a subset of Personality." A sub-set of personality? If anything, a personality is a result of a person's character; his values, principles, and criteria, by which he chooses and lives a life of visionary choice.

    Another blunder won't cover an earlier blunder. This is a good example of why psychology is not science, has no healthy answers, and produces the highest suicide rate among professionals.

    Judeo-Christian principles afford humans with the most accurate set of criteria available to the human being. Individual value, vision of consequences prior to choice, advantages of Transcendent Criteria, virtuous examples and principle, fulfilled prophecy valdating spiritual truth, etc.

    I have yet to hear Obama cite his own Christian principles, as claimed. On the other hand, his record in the Senate is #1 left-wing voting record of pure humanistic materialsim & collectivism.

    Barack Obama is not a Christian. Not all church members and their pastors are.

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    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Judah
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  05/29  at  05:11 PM
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