The View From 1776

The Democrat/Socialist Party

It has long been plain to anyone prepared to look at the facts: the Democratic Party, since 1932, has been heart-and-soul devoted to bringing about the mythical socialist millennium of man-made earthly perfection.

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  1. Maxine Waters does not speak for the entire Democratic Party any more than Ron Paul speaks for the entire Republican party.

    In any case, Ms. Waters is misinformed if she believes the cost of oil is going to come down any time soon, no matter who runs the oil companies. Oil prices are a function of global supply and demand.

    Unfortunately, we are rapidly approaching (or have already passed) the point of "peak oil," where the rate of new discoveries is exceeded by the drop-off in production of mature oil fields, with the unpleasant result being that net world oil production can increase no further. This does not mean we are immediately "running out," but it does mean that the world has maxed out on the rate that oil can be extracted.

    Because China's and India's demands are rising rapidly, the result is inevitable and substantially irreversible dramatic oil price increases. Regrettably, the price will continue to ratchet upwards beyond $130 per barrel to the point where world demand is reduced, either by significant conservation or collapse of economies.

    Neither Maxine Waters, with her dreams of controlling Exxon, nor the Republicans with their brobdingnagian visions of offshore or Alaskan bonanzas, have any hope of reversing this brutal and cold reality.
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  2. Granted, Maxine Waters is not the Democrat/Socialist Party. But the programs proposed by Senators Obama and Clinton are, top to bottom, socialist state-planning and management of the economy by bureaucrats. You can find all the elements of their proposals in the schemes outlined by socialist spokesman, from Henri de Saint-Simon to Franklin Roosevelt.
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  3. Ever since the demos drop-kicked Mr. Jefferson out the backdoor, they have pursued the false virtues of by-name-only: progrssive, liberal, fair, good, true, etc. etc. etc. It is far easier to claim a title than to live it. They are the party of phonies. When was the last time a Democrat lived the life of testimonial to Mr. Jefferson and his stated principles? (Yeah, I heard the 'huh???')

    They are the party of free-rider gutless socialists. To say otherwise is to Lie. Their voting records give evidence to Old World socialism. Their current #1 hero has a voting record more leftist than anyone else in the Senate. Will he even brag about it? No. Gutless! Like his faceless mass-followers.

    An unadmitted characteristic of totalitarian opinion is Old World collectivism. It makes room for every variety, including racial, gender, class, cult, junk-science, etc. "Hide the individual in a group." "Hide responsibility in the mass of numbers." "Hide...If you are an individual you are selfish!" Hide? Don't worry, the Democrats will hide you. Political logic? Logic? IQ? Patty-cake...

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Judah
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