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Unwritten Constitution Under Assault

In the United States and Great Britain, immigration abetted by multiculturalism is corrupting society’s unwritten constitution, which is the positive embodiment of the spirit that animates a society and gives it a driving force of unity in belief and national aims.

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  1. Thomas - An interesting piece - though too long to respond to, point by point. But I can't resist commenting on one assertion,

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  2. Pat,

    Man is the thinking animal with a conscience. These two attributes change the dynamic. The wolf kills because he is hungry. He makes no distinction between legitimate and illegitimate targets of his desire; he only knows hunger and how to satisfy it. Man is in a completely different position. He can reason and has been equipped with a conscience; and, therefore, is obliged to make moral judgments. He can 'choose' to delay hunting to a proper season, hunt first those animals that are plentiful and leave alone those in need of replenishing, kill methodically to minimize suffering, &c. Similarly, we choose to court women and leave girl-children to their proper season, give back in charity some of our earning not least because
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  3. Additionally, the Judeo-Christian premise is "nature friendly," in point of our view that it was created by the only Creator, GOD. Thus, nature is not neutral; the dice are loaded in favor of its Creator and His values and stated priorities, vested in the creature He made in His image, man.

    Since His criteria cannot be invented or superceded by man's opinions, our lack of instinct is filled by those powers of reason and a certain predictability of decision & choice, the foundation of a natural society and environment for His earthly choice-maker, fulfills His conceptual obligation to our inability.

    Since the human mind can rise no higher than his pre-chosen criteria, and he cannot invent greater than GOD's, it is a basic mark of intelligence and vision when humans choose His criteria over the man-made variety. Our extensive ignorance requires an early faith.

    Validation follows 'in spades.' Knowledge grows - and more faith follows.

    "The true God is a living, intelligent, and powerful Being.

    His duration reaches from eternity to eternity.

    His presence from infinity to infinity.

    He governs all things."

    Sir Isaac Newton

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    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Judah
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