The View From 1776

What is The View From 1776?

Donald J. Devine’s book seems to describe it correctly.

An op-ed page book review in today’s Washington Times, Back to basics, spotlights the wrong turn, the left fork, taken by Americans in the 20th century.

William H. Peterson reviews IN DEFENSE OF THE WEST: AMERICAN VALUES UNDER SIEGE By Donald J. Devine,?University Press of America.  I haven’t read the book, but it seems to be right down the middle of the straight and narrow path to political and social rectitude.

The highlights in Mr. Peterson’s review, though he doesn’t use the term, allude to our unwritten constitution, without which the written Constitution becomes the defenseless victim of liberal-socialist lawyers and politicians.  In that regard, read the Statement of Purpose for this website, at the top of the left-hand column.

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  1. I accept the truth in the Statement of Purpose.
    And probably anyone knowledgeable about U.S history, if honest, would accept the idea that the working of the constitution as its writers envisioned it depends also upon its implementers possessing the same morals and religion of the writers.

    However today, many that do understand this won't admit to it because they do not have those same morals and religion. Their goal becomes re-making or interpreting the Constitution to fit with their agenda. And their numbers go growing faster than the "other" group.

    Those with the same morals and religion of the Constitution writers must understand this. And they have two choices: either fight the re-interpretation at every turn, or grow the "other" group faster than those without the morals and religion. I believe until recently that most efforts have been in the "fighting". Far more must be done in the "faster growing" category.

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