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Amoral Relativism in a Revolving Door

The shibboleth of liberal-progressive-socialism is tolerance, which in practice means the near absence of standards.  Anything other than the morality of Judeo-Christianity is acceptable.

What then to do when actions by a certifiable liberal-progressive offend other liberal-progressives?  Without the rejected standards of God-given moral principle, liberal-progressives are left floundering.

Read about the latest aesthetic standards at Yale University.

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  1. Such behavior is a confusion of meaning of both science and art. Need for moral camouflage is the most self-evident feature of attention-seeking exercises.

    Which category of art does this contrived posture display? None.

    End of review.

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    vincit veritas
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    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  04/23  at  06:20 PM
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