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William F. Buckley’s Duel With the Left, Continued

George Shadroui, on the Intellectual Conservative website, gives us another installment describing the petty hostility conservatives confronted in the lonely days of liberal hysteria over the Vietnam War.

Read Crossing Swords: Gore Vidal: Politics as Personality.

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  1. The commonality that Buckley and Vidal avoided was collectivism: Buckley against and Vidal for.

    Collectivism: a system of defining and measuring human value and non-value by the plural unit. Never by the individual.

    Their mutual ill-defined agreement not to support or attack 'collectivism' indicates a recognized weakness on the part of both positions.

    Any ideas why? I know...

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    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  04/05  at  09:36 AM
  2. Jim--It's hard to believe that Buckley didn't attack collectivism. He opposed communism and worked for the freedom and liberty of individuals as responsible beings. He opposed big government and social engineering which represents a form of collectivism. I am not denying what you say, for I am not a scholar on this subject, but what you say comes as a surprise--Can you elaborate ?
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/13  at  07:35 PM
  3. Collectivism takes many forms. At its core is an accepted plural verbal system of measuring human value - and non-value 'by the group.'

    Fascism, Naziism, Marxism, race, caste, tribe, religion, gender, color, region, politics, KKK, etc. are some of the more obvious examples from human history past - and present.

    The only real solution is to deal with human values by the individual person (initiated by Jesus).

    All Old World systems so defined human value.

    Plural terms are never accurate to the individual. They are merely a verbal convenience -not Reality. I have yet to see 'a group' because it is a word - not Reality. That is why collectivism has never worked - and never can work.

    Collectivist 'solutions' can not solve what collectivism causes.

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Jacob
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  04/14  at  04:56 PM
  4. Jim--You are right! I confused your "commonality" between Vidal and Buckley to mean that the latter did not oppose collecivism--but of course he did. And it seems you, he and I agree that all human action comes from individuals--This gets to the essence of my "Radzewicz Rule" (you can google it)that historical progress has come from common individuals who are out participating in the real world--and that their major obstacles (other than Kings and aristocracies) has been the soft-science intellectuals who theorize about groups, averages, and ideological approaches to alter what the ordinary people have created. There is a recent detailed review of my point concerning the intelligentsias that usurp power in successful nations and bring them down in the blog : "Interdisciplinary World" that you might be interested in. These over-educated elites love to talk about vague groups like the poor, the hungry, the unemployed, and most recently and famously-- the "bitter (idiots)who cling to religion and guns." Such generalities get in the way of their making any useful suggestions. And their social engineering, when enacted, makes me want to cling to my guns more than ever!
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/15  at  01:59 PM
  5. AMEN. Bill!

    The self-proclaimed elitist is not in touch with reality dealing only as he does in collective generalities. He and his lack of perception is a major part of the problem everyone has to deal with. After all, unique individuals are real. Groups are strictly a short-hand and verbal convenience only.

    The Jacksons, Sharptons, Wrights, and Obamas are willingly maintaining racial-collectivism as the only way to overcome racial-collectivism.

    Thank GOD He created us as unique individuals with a value and endowed potential worthy of a creature made in His image - and generations "after his kind."

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Judah
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  04/15  at  07:59 PM
  6. While Buckley was a conservative, he did have one area where he still allowed categorizing some human beings by a kind of 'royal' group - not individuals. It was the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church - his church.

    That church maintains a category of intermediary between Believers and GOD. That category ended when Jesus died on the cross and the veil of the temple between the individual Believer and the Holy of Holies, was "rent from the top down." No longer was an intermediary necessary. GOD had validated each individual to come into His presence henceforth and forever. Matthew 27:51 Mark 15:38 Luke 23:45

    Vidal, a humanist, categorizes most humans by collective groups.

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    a follower of The Lion of Judah
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  04/15  at  08:27 PM
  7. Jim,

    Are you saying Buckley had a failing ? With his church did he somehow err in lumping it all as a group ? I would think referring to the catholic church, or general motors, for example, as a group-entity, a little less egregious than referring, as in Ted Kennedy's words, "the sick, the lame, and the aged.


    BTW--what does the Lion of Judah refer to ? And what's its significance ?
    Posted by bill greene  on  04/15  at  08:49 PM
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