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Global Warming: A Moderate Voice

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  1. Some of the comments following the article are revealing.

    We don't know for sure what is going to happen. That is why it is important that contingency planning is important but seldom done by governments at any level.

    We need governments that don't rely on "one trend" currently in view, to base the future on. We need government to have plans for low inflation, high inflation times. Falling tax revenues and rising tax revenue cycles are treated as if they will be "predictable." Climate change is a reality that has gone on for millions of years. Up and down, the temperatures go. So, why do we only plan for the current rising temperature and not plan for a cooling trend even if is only for a couple decades.

    Cooling trends can destroy the ability to raise crops in a lot of the world's crop growing climates. While warming expands the area for growing crops, cooling reduces it.

    However, government isn't the best "planner" and people have to be the ones that know what they will do when conditions change. Lose a job, food prices rise, wages don't keep up, home values rise or drop, etc. what are your plans. You can't depend on government for planning your life.
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  2. It is silly to think that individuals in this complex, urban world can totally plan their own lives in order to survive. Apart from depending on their neighbors they have to also rely and work with a greater agency. And that agency is none other than government, good or bad. Look how the American people turned to government for leadership and stability after 9/11.

    Don' t forget, no man is an island!
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  3. When the government is failing to fund its programs, David, the individual has to have his own plan. Yes, we will always have a "society" and societies use government but, individuals are what drive the selection of what programs will be used by that society. It is always the individual joining with other individuals and when there is a majority, then they will use government to carry out their wishes.

    However, with the currency in deep trouble, the Federal government isn't going to be able to do what it has been doing once this all unravels. At that point it will fall back to the states and cities and individuals.

    But, with our without government programs each individual has to have a plan for what he will do in each type of crisis we face. Whether it is high unemployment, illness, riots, debt, spending, education, where to live and work, all individuals have to have their own plan and contingency plans. No government can provide those things for individuals.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  03/14  at  03:22 PM
  4. Take for example, California eliminating dental coverage for the poor. Each person will have to decide for themselves if they care for their dental needs or not and how they will if they choose to. Then they have to choose what they will do if their dental problems get bad and they haven't provided for themselves a way to care for the problem.

    Once that service is eliminated by the state, there is no government to turn to for a solution.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  03/14  at  03:24 PM
  5. How is an idividual going to fix New Orleans so they can go back and live safely in their own home? They have to rely on government. for the 'heavy lifting'.
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  6. They can't and the government can't. It doesn't have the money.

    It may print some and cause inflation but that doesn't help New Orleans because the cost of fixing will out way the benefits and the people will be worse off. It is the job of the state and the people in New Orleans to fix it. They have thousands out of work and the state can borrow money to put them to work just like the Federal government can. But, you are asking them to rebuild a city that shouldn't be rebuilt where it is. The land is sinking in many areas.

    It is up to the people in any society to do what is necessary to survive. You are saying that people that are losing jobs, losing buying power, losing their own homes and jobs should bail New Orleans out? Each state right now has its own problems and the Federal government shouldn't be involved in state issues. If it is, you make well run states fund poorly run states and that isn't right and will destroy the entire nation as the poorly run states drag the nation down. That is why were created a "Republic" so poorly run states wouldn't destroy the whole nation.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  03/14  at  06:58 PM
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  8. David then says
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