The View From 1776

Similarities: The Fall of the Roman Empire and the Decline of Western Europe

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  1. Not a very convincing article. It hides behind some kind of skirt, perhaps a skirt underneath which the author is seated.
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  2. Depends on what you are looking for, I guess. I thought it was revealing that we are making the same mistake as before where we think one thing is important (global warming) while so many other things are wrong.

    We have a global crisis and economic crisis possible as a result, that could affect many nations, but even more important is the failure of many in this nation to recognize its decline. Infrastructure is decaying, education is in decline, manufacturing has dropped from 30.4% of GDP to under 10%, citizens have debt at over 18% of discretionary income, cities and states are in budget default and having trouble borrowing money at the usual interest rates, the military is over stretched, etc. Yet, many are focused on global warming as if it is something they can control when of all those problems, I just listed, it is the one thing that can't be controlled.

    In fact, we may very well enter a global cooling period soon that will destroy many crop growing regions. Yet, they are still talking about carbon emissions as if they could reduce it enough to matter.
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  3. David,

    Your remarks only grow more fatuous with the effort it takes you to find something negative to say. The Journal article, if not exactly scholarly, is accurate and verifiable. Linardatos says nothing that has not been said a thousand times before, and as often said by liberals as conservatives regarding the striking parallels between modern Western society and Rome. Your only objection is Linardatos makes the stingingly inconvenient observation liberals are wedded to such decadence, insisting we keep on no matter what, ignore those pesky indications not all is well with the program, and damn the consequences. So, your reaction is to turn the tables by declaring Lindatos is the one hiding from the truth. If there is any hiding going on here, it is you doing your usual hit and run act.
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  4. Jan,

    Et tu? The point of Linardatos
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