The View From 1776

Juvenocracy and the Decline of the Family

Emphasis on the baby part of the Baby-Boomer college anarchists has given us a self-centered and infantile nation that has fallen into social and political disrepair.  The only question is how far down the road to hell we have fallen, and whether we can regain solid ground.

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  1. Accuracy and superiority begins with the individual and his sense of his own value - or its lack.

    This young generation has not found itself and is, thus, vulnerable to joining a 'gang', a party, or a movement: a collective. Individual value is not to be found in a collective, but in a personal relationship with the Creator, - and nowhere else.

    Lacking self-value, no one will be 'responsible.' Responsibility is the natural consequent of self-value as attributed by the Lord, Himself. All else is merely a human opinion and will not 'work.'

    Learning rejected is ignorance chosen. Choose Psalm 25:12 kjv

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/31  at  10:14 AM
  2. The nation may be facing some very hard times because of what you point out, Jim.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  01/31  at  10:59 AM
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