The View From 1776

What Is Worship?

True worship is in every individual’s heart and soul.

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  1. Let's actually talk of worship and the heart and soul.

    Religious feelings are primitive, neurologically founded, in the brain. Scientists are finding areas in the brain that correspond to religious belief. Like the area dealing with falling in love, if it is damaged enough or destroyed, the feelings never arise.

    Think about that. Sociobiologists and evolutionary psychologists have this one right on the money.
    Posted by James Veverka  on  01/28  at  09:42 AM
  2. You are still motivated by a tremendous need for self-justification - not a search for truth.

    Materialism only has selective answers in the the material - not mind, ideas, spirit, attitude, transcendent criteria & values, self-discipline, and foretelling choice.

    The patty-cake left never learns anything in their 'pragmatic' analysis of events of the past and faith in a self-indulgent carnal future.

    It is still a collectivized group made up of sucker-buffoons and their masters. Losers all.

    It is still an I.Q. Test called Life.

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/28  at  10:21 AM
  3. Very thoughtful post. A good reminder, too, not to allow the church or "doing" take the place of being a child of God.
    Posted by Jen  on  01/28  at  11:40 PM
  4. No one is a child of GOD apart from choosing to accept Him. Being created by Him - without choosing to accept Him as Lord is not salvation.

    Too many think that the only qualification for Erernal Heaven is to die.

    That is a man-made humanistic opinion. Not the Lord's. Psalm 25:12 kjv

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  01/29  at  01:24 AM
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