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The cloudy crystal ball of socialist intellectuals must be, not just cleaned, but consigned to the trash heap.

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  1. This issue is so complex that no one or two articles can do it justice. However, you have touched on a key element of the problem by referring back to the "New Deal."

    However, it goes back before that to 1913 and the IRS creation, the Federal Reserve creation and the amendment that took away the right of State Governments to appoint Senators, thus taking away one of the key checks the founders had put in place to keep the Federal Government and Central banks and bad Supreme Court Justices from getting the power they did.

    That amendment, alone, is one of the keys to all the problems we see now because many of our problems are due to the centralization of power in the Federal Government. Had the States retained their ability to appoint Senators that would keep the power in the states, much of what damage the central banks and IRS and federal government has caused would maybe have started to occur, but then have been rapidly checked by the Senate.

    Socialism was gaining popularity even then and so, we can probably say that some of those steps in 1913 were a result of that growing popularity. Centralizing power, with taxes and a move away from a Republic toward a democracy with that amendment would have fit nicely into their agenda. Whether they were the source or just welcomed the changes, I don't really know, but they fit like a glove.

    The other thing that is very complex is the "central bank." Ours is a private corporation owned by European banks or U.S. banks with European links. Those banks, here and in Europe are all linked back to the Rothschilds. Meyer Rothschild being the one who said he didn't care who made the laws as long as he controlled the money supply.

    Central banks loan to both sides in wars and get interest payments from both sides even after the war is over. They have their own agenda and are linked to the CFR, Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission and other international bodies that advise governments all over the world. They are also linked to the International Monetary fund that loans money to nations all over the world and thus, has power over them to some degree or another.

    We are at the mercy right now of the Fed with the market rallying today on "bad news," that the economy is so weak, the Fed will probably cut rates in Dec.

    If they don't, not only will the markets tank but, the economy will probably go into a recession just because the perception that it will happen will be so prevalent that businesses and individuals will act as if it would happen and thus, become self-fulfilling. If they do cut, the dollar will probably get even weaker and import prices rise even faster and oil prices rise even more.

    We will have to see but, it doesn't look good. Yet, even that rate cut will be only one of many factors going on in the world market place we now find ourselves losing importance in each year.
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  2. Should have been one or two articles "can't" do it justice.
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  3. "The cloudy crystal ball of socialist intellectuals must be, not just cleaned, but consigned to the trash heap."

    The same would go for the apocalyptic beliefs and crystal ball visions of Christian end timers. In the trash also we would find the creationist pseudo-science, revisionist history, and the sickly discriminating ideas of the religious right.

    If we want to relegate ideas to the trash, the list is very very very long. My first picks for the incinerator would be the primitive ideas of the religious right in all religions and the also self-righteous socialist democrats.

    Socialism pops up in the strangest places. The first church reformer of England was John Wyclif; he was a socialist-communist. The idea became a liability and he had to back off.

    The Anabaptists of the 1500s, murdered by Protestants and Catholics alike, were socialist and isolationist with extremely conservative religious beliefs. A very odd combination at first look. But Hitler was anti-gay, vehemently patriarchal, familial, anti-abortion, anti-family planning clinic, and all wrapped up in mysterious unseen forces. Religious fundamentalists have these traits, too. See

    Its an odd world where square pegs do fit in round holes sometimes.

    What's wrong with Pelosi? The same thing that is wrong with the far right. Alliances and ass-kissing special interests instead of adopting pragmatic solutions. Ideologues intead of philosophers. Slaves to their ideologies.

    What possesses a person to disregard the notion of an English language mandate in the businesses and governments of the US is of the same species of fundamentalist religious people that disregard the principles of liberty on account of religion. (They are not true patriots who see the constitution as the "supreme law of the land", they have their own higher law. Religion clouds the way they see the Constitution.)

    Not guarding our borders is as bad as not guarding our liberty. Both lead to serious unpleasantries. Not thinking things through is the problem. A nation may be pluralistic but it has to have certain anchors for stability. Babel is not an option in matters of national stability and identity. Pluralism with parameters. Freedom is not a free for all. Details, details grin

    Politics in a nation integrate the balance between the nation's well being and the individual's. The state's health is balanced with the rights and well being of individuals. If one get's too much power or freedom, the other suffers is the belief. Socialists want wealth redistributed and property to be shared, disregarding the territorial (property) imperatives of all animals, including humans. The neo-fascist thinking of the far right, religious and secular, also have no tolerance for dissent and want a communism of ideology (or theology) where all have the same politics (or religion).

    I voted for Newt Gingrich's Contract in 1994 only to find that the far right was even more ridiculous than the lefties. Pelosi V Delay? Tom's a crook and a moron. I will take the bitch.

    A Chronicle of failed church-State alliances and ideas:

    The Rise of Church-State alliances: 306-565CE: Emperors Constantine thru Justinian: Imperial Decrees and Church Canon:

    The Swiss Reformation to 1531:
    How Zurich's Zwinglian church-state alliance originated and worked:
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  4. You are correct that if the "religious right" that often distorts the real teachings of the Bible, are allowed to use the federal government to force their concepts on the people, they are just as bad as the left or moderates who would use the Federal government to continue to destroy the "republic" we created.

    The move to "democracy" at the federal level, whether right or left (or even middle) will destroy the nation just as all democracies have in the past.

    In 1913 we made three huge mistakes that led to the destruction of the checks and balances needed in a Republic to keep it from denigrating into a national democracy that implodes under the demands of the majority for more and more government they are unwilling to pay for.

    While each of the States were religious based, even with state religions until 1833, they were each unique and different and even more importantly, competing with each other. That is probably why they did away with all state religions. New Jersey was even formed specifically not to have a state religion. Of course all states had religious based laws and some still do but only when the majority in all religions felt the need for those laws like Sunday closing, obscenity, public profanity or lewdness, etc.

    Thus, each society was free to evolve and be competitive in its own way. If we don't return to being a Republic where people have the freedom to choose the type of society they want, we will continue the rapid decline we are in economically and with our infrastructure and our currency. But, to get to that transition will require the nation hit bottom first. Whether it is soon or in a decade or so, it will happen according the Government Accounting Office and it won't be pretty.
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