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Academic Freedom in Action

If you are a left-wing radical who is anxious to see the triumph of socialism in our day, then you will be happy with the indoctrination your children are receiving on college and university campuses.

Read Dennis Prager’s account of on-campus experience of conservative speakers, compared to the warm receptions given to left-wing radical speakers.

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  1. Prager easily indicates that collectivism measures human value/value by the collective group. They cannot think 'individual.' (Is there ay other kind of human?

    Tolerance? Tolerance for opinion other than theirs? As with evoution-science, they cannot abide any variation of opinion since they admit they do not have enough answers. Their 'faith' in ignorance must be protected. It is.

    Whatever it is, it is not science. No small wonder, GOD's infinite way has always required an admitted Faith-need to fill the meantime knowledge limitations.

    What does junk-science say? "No! This is all there is! EEeeeeeekkkk! If we don't already know it - it doesn't exist." ( Am I spelling 'buuuffooonery' correct? Teach me... )

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  10/31  at  11:52 AM
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