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The Road to Serfdom has become, once again, a very crowded thoroughfare.

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  1. If America had an economy like the one this Washington Post article supports, using Hayek as back-up, it would be one that resembles Venezuela's, one of greater disparities and lacking a middle class that will uphold democracy.

    The Washington Post article asks, would you like the government to tell you what kind of medical operations you could have? Well, you have insurance companies telling you that now. And how is it that America's medical costs, with its free market competition that is supposed to keep costs down, is the most expensive and bureaucratic among rich nations?

    Liberal reform will come to American medicare. The momentum is building. In the process, though, this Washington Post article and Hayek's prediction serve as reminder that liberal policy should be cautious and prudent in its implementation.
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  2. Every candidate for elective office in the United States, and other free nations, is obliged to clearly state their personal definition of human nature as "endowed by their Creator," with Liberty as the fulcrum point. Failing that, they express freedom to apply collectivist solutions caused by collectivvist solutions. sic

    No politician is authorized to redefine a single human being in American.

    Any voter who votes collectivist opinion deserves to be weighed in the balances - but, not drag the rest of us individuals into their causal-Omega cess-pool. Lots of cess!

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
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  3. Venzuela a la Hugo Chavez is exactly the kind of state Hayek warns of in The Road to Serfdom. "Liberal reform" will be nothing of the sort, and it will usher in fascism in the USA just as Hayek predicts.

    1. In the USA healthcare is highly regulated at the federal and state level including private insurance companies. This coersion and regulation prevents innovation and is the main reason why cost rise faster than inflation

    2. Health insurance is not the same as healthcare. The third party payer system eliminates the cost clues to the consumer thus eliminating the incentive to shop for medical services, thus not allowing competition to improve the situation

    3. Liberal policy only addresses the demand side of the healthcare problem. Lowering the cost, by fiat, of medical services, shortages will occur thus duplicating the endemic problems seen in socialized medicine. By removing government intrusion and regulation, the supply side of the market through innovation and competition will deliver more for less

    4. It is unconstitutional. Show me where the US constituion states that congress is authorized to spend a dime on healthcare or insurance. It is not in the list of 18 powers in Article I section 8 nor would the ninth and tenth amendments allow for such a Federal intrusion.

    We must at all times and in all places limit the power of government if we are to preserve liberty. If government is allowed to provide for healthcare it will not be a big leap for them to start dictating how we treat our bodies. This will be justified, of course, on the basis of preventative medicine and cost control. McDonald's will be outlawed and sugar will become a controlled substance and the good intentions of Liberals will lead to fascism once again.
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