The View From 1776

Judeo-Christianity: the Essence of Western Civilization

Jeff Lukens gives us a synoptic account of the Bible’s role.

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  1. An additional cornerstone reason Judeo-Christian scripture is superior to any man-made religion or philosophy is because GOD, the Creator, made man in His own image, and scripture, the Word of GOD, says so!

    With such a blue-print, how can guessing-man come up with anything better? He proves he cannot.

    He cannot in any way produce better results, be they criteria for choice, anticipation of results, or a more accurate definition of human nature, and his endowment of Liberty, creative behavior, or perception of evil.

    Possessing such virtue, he can alternatively choose Luciferian priorities of self - and error. His ego misleads him into a false view of his own centrality in his own reality. Recognition of Superioriy in the Godhead is his greatest safeguard against short-term and long-term error of choice. Self-justification is an immediate sign and indication of such error.

    Since only GOD and His blood can pay the price of His perfect Justice, individuals find no further need for the self-produced, meaningless variety.

    Additionally, collectivism is man's natural error-way of attributing human value (and non-) to numbers - the larger the better - more power value.

    GOD's human value system is endowed at the Individual level. Is there any other kind? Groups are merely verbal conveniences about Individuals - not GOD's Reality. Since GOD is unique, every individual human being is unique - and rarity adds value.

    Add: Problems caused by collectivism will never be solved by a collectivist 'solution.' It's been tried. Grade: F-

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas

    "Got Criteria?" See Psalm 119:1-176 a beginning
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  2. The Old World method of measuring human value was,
    and still is, by the group. Whether tribe, clan,
    city-state, color, ethnic, or gender, the Old
    World, ancient and modern, measures by the plural
    unit. Individuals had and have no value of them-
    selves but only as they were and are part of a

    When Y'shua Jesus died on the cross, the veil of
    the Temple at the Holy of Holies parted from the
    top down. The individual believer in the congrega-
    tion had, for the first time, a face-to-face, one-
    on-one relation with his Creator. The Creator,
    Himself, had validated each individual for the
    first time.Thus, the Individual became the corner-
    stone for later human value measuring systems:
    socio-political, philosophical, religious, educa-
    tional, economic, etc., henceforth and forever.
    Western Civilization, America, English Law, civil
    Rights, the 'democratic' process, etc., all sprang
    from that single event. (Greco-Roman 'democracies'
    were 95% slave throughout their entire histories.)
    Biblical principles are still today the foundation
    under Western Civilization and the American way of

    Many social systems attempt to borrow ideas of
    "democracy" without the basic premise in The Indi-
    vidual. Such a system is only superficially and
    temporarily 'democratic.' The cornerstone of the
    democratic process is The Individual and the
    cornerstone of the value of The Individual is
    Y'shua Jesus! It is not possible to have one with-
    out the other. There is only One Source - there is
    no other.

    It is additionally interesting to note that all
    value measuring systems are based on the single
    definitive unit of the system. Ex: Number, Time,
    Distance, Weight, Heat, Money, Angle, Volume, etc.

    Only humanism makes the abusive error of measuring
    human value by the plural unit and attempts to
    build social structures, relations, and institu-
    tions thereon. Such man-made systems can only be
    abusive and oppressive because in reality there
    are only individual persons. Groups or collectives
    are merely convenient verbalizations about indi-
    viduals. They are not reality.

    I have yet to see a 'group.' All I have ever seen
    are individuals.Have you ever seen a group - or is
    it a verbal convenience? Reality is only in the
    individual person. And, such a validation never
    derived from a human source without the initiative
    of the Creator. (The French Rationalists of the
    18th Century favored the fruit - but rejected the
    branch, tree, and root.)

    Today, wherever Y'shua Jesus is rejected, the
    group or collective is still the basic way of
    measuring human value - or human non-value.

    We thank the Lord God for revealing His validation
    of each individual person. We thank Him for creat-
    ing each person uniquely, in His image, and call-
    ing each one to a courageous ascension by Y'shua
    Jesus, who said, "I AM the Way..."

    Praise the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and
    His Son of Man, Y'shua Jesus.

    Reference: Exodus 25:30,40 Hebrews 9 Matthew 27:51
    Mark 15:38 Luke 23:45 KJV

    vincit veritas
    Jim Baxter

    Q: ? "How many more Columbines and VA Techs
    before we 'get it?' " jfb
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  3. There is another role for the early church in "progression." The groups that were persecuted and came to America because they were "different" from the rest of the people in whatever part of Europe they came from, were rebels to begin with. They had turned from the "Church" in power and suffered from it.

    Thus, they came to this land with a different goal, different view and different relationship not only with God (one-on-one as wells as with fellow believers) but with their church. They were in control of the church leadership, rather than the church leaders being in control as before. That "practice" in self-government in the church laid a foundation for their colony and later the nation.

    They saw the benefits to self-government in the church where they could "fire" an errant pastor, "hire" a new one, defend the church, care for the truly needy, etc. They saw the need for education and new skills in this raw land they lived in. There was no established society that provided the "basics." Education, even if mainly in common sense, skills, trade, hunting, ship building, home construction, etc. was important in a society that had nothing when it began.

    Surviving in a raw land required many of the common sense lessons found in the Bible be adopted by the early communities.
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