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Faith Unconquerable by Fact

ScrappleFace’s satirical New Lack of Evidence Boosts Certainty of Darwinism is an accurate reflection of the ever-hopeful, never-provable speculative nature of Darwinian evolution, which is a principal foundation block of the materialistic religion of socialism, known as liberalism in the United States.

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  1. It has long been said, "I could never be an athiest: it takes too much faith."

    With a universe of evidence for the causal-chain and everything in it, there must be a Maker.

    An otherwise position is stacked on the prioritized need to satisfy a predominant carnal appetite and lying-to-self in behalf of needful justification.

    Won't work.

    Thank GOD.

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  09/20  at  11:38 AM
  2. I really couldn't care less what a bunch of intellectuals believe and about our origin. Nobody in the US is understanding the consequences of imposing this Darwinism on all the students and instead of imposing Christianity. I hear politicians, talk shows, and editorialists, enjoy spirited debate on the subject. Nobody sees the dark dangerous reality there are a few things that have historically been unifying forces in the US and their loss will result in the US returning to tribalism. The English language, manners, the constitution, US history, Christianity, traditional family, law and order, are no longer vigorously imposed on the US since the hippies decided to change the world. It resulted in a great diversity in thought about what these things mean. If we continue to burn incense to John Lennon, and fail to impose traditional Christianity on all the students, some form of street gangs are in all of their futures and all of our our futures.

    Imagine By John Lennon:

    Imagine there
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  3. Christianity, imposed, would work no better than any man-made imposition.

    The Creator, who knows best, requires Liberty of Choice for earth's Choicemaker as made in His image.

    Thankfully, He prefers a remnant in each generation and each clime and place, to "a majority" of robots or all-inclusive fear-based buffoons.

    Imagine: HE wants OUR fellowship: the fellowship of imperfect free men who who oft times say, "Now, if I were God I would do it my way, I'd..."

    Imperfect free men, who are growing forever, in a continuously exciting universe - forever and ever...! Choose_______________________________

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  09/24  at  08:34 AM
  4. I wonder where he lie came from that everything of God can't be imposed but everything of the devil can be imposed. Christianity has always been imposed behind the barn with a switch by a loving father to the backside of his children. Christianity takes a lifetime to be understood well enough to be loved; until then it must be obeyed. There is just as much about obey as there is about love in the New Testament, and the two thousand year history of the churches. The children always obeyed the parents, the wife always obeyed the husband, the members always obeyed the bishops, the slaves always obeyed the masters, and authority was always that one direction. George Washington's farewell address was basically Don't think you can have social order without traditional religion and morality, and don't think you can have the morality necessary to maintain social order without traditional religion, which is Christianity. You can thank the hippies for this big lie you can't impose Christianity. It's an intentional abrogation of authority to cause anarchy. It is causing tribalism, where every tribe has their own religion, Instead of fighting to the death for God and country, they fight to the death for their street gangs.
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  5. The way you described it, imposition is a dead-end street. Teaching choice and consequence is appropriate with children and youth who are learning to grow from 'no choice' to '100% choice.' If we do not prepare them for Freedom, they will fall into the dead-end hippie, and become imposers on others, as are criminals.

    Freedom does require preparation - not pride in stagnation and the kind of recession that used to say, "Children must be silent at the dinner table. QUIET!"

    Q: "What is man, that You should magnify him, that You should set Your heart on him?" Job 7:17
    A: "Do not envy the oppressor and choose none of his ways." Proverbs 3:31

    That is why Freedom is worth dying for in present and future generations. selah

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  09/24  at  03:24 PM
  6. I find it difficult to understand how one can call "freedom" our mandatory education system that from K to 12 now bans any reference to God or Christianity, and instead imposes materialism and Darwinism on all the children in the country. Any "Christian" who is a part of this system is burning incense to Cesar. What made the US great in the past was not that we were free, but that we were Christian. This not only made us moral enough to know we must oppose the Fascists, Nazis, Leninists, and Stalinists, it also made us strong enough to defeat all these popular products of social Darwinism, without becoming like them. We brought freedom to millions oppressed by them. In the future, because the US no longer imposes God and Christianity on our children, but instead imposes Darwinism, we will be the evil that must be restrained. We have probably been inoculated against thinking it's survival of the fittest group, but are more likely to think it's survival of the fittest individual. We no longer have the moral compass to to know we must oppose evil nor the strength to defeat it.
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  7. Bad and poor choices in Freedom is no argument agaist Freedom but a strong argument for psrental resposibility and example. GOD allows Freedom of Choice, including rejection of Him - and eternal consequences. To be Christian is to be free and without becoming like the humanists.

    The moon-god-crowd practices imposition in spades. Thus, you know it is a man-made religion - not of the GOD of the Bible. Only scriptural criteria is worthy of emulation. Anything else is human opinion.

    GOD says our moral compass is to be freely chosen.
    Making known its worthiness and exemplifying it, is what is lacking.

    "To make any sense of the idea of morality, it must be presumed that the human being is responsible for his actions and responsibility cannot be understood apart from the presumption of freedom of choice." John Chamberlain

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  09/24  at  06:11 PM
  8. It is our education system that doesn't allow the students to have this freedom of choice by banning all references to God and Christianity and imposing materialism and Darwinism. Very few, Christian's children keep their faith under these conditions, only the most carefully prepared do. None of the non-Christian children who might have learned about God and Christianity will have the opportunity. Too many will have to learn things the hard way with many years in prison, in rehab, or dead. If you think the US is better off with this "freedom" you don't understand our revolution. Our form of government will only work if there is a religious and moral population.

    NIV MT 18:6-7 "But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!"

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  9. A perfect example of US students totally lacking a moral compass was at Columbia University yesterday the only time they booed Ahamagenocide is when he dissed gays.
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