The View From 1776

James Wilson: A Nearly Forgotten Founder

Today’s students have become easy prey for anti-American educators, who teach them that our nation was founded as an amoral, materialistic society, by men whose only concern was self-enrichment at the expense of “the people.”  Only by spotlighting the people and the moral ethos that produced the Constitution can we expect to restore and to preserve the original Constitution.

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  1. There is a lot we don't teach correctly. And, that we don't teach at all.

    We don't teach good economic policy for individuals or the nation. We don't teach what the penalties are for a nation that depends on loans to fund its military, social programs, and general spending. While "decades" seem like a long time to people, for a nation, they are a small period of time. Those who point to the success of our deficit spending and social program expansion refuse to see the economic and monetary crisis they are creating.

    When 78 million workers stop paying into tax revenues and draw from them instead, then you will see many "chickens come home to roost."
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  2. Again, choices are no better than the criteria utilized. Good criteria also indicates consequences of choice.

    Man-made criteria produces mediocrity - and worse. History?

    God-made criteria produces excellence and predictability. Prophecy? Yes.

    Carnality rules out the mind and its need for Transcendent Criteria - which humans cannot invent. Care to try? Oh, you're already trying? HA!

    We all know where the only TC is to be found - don't we? Gonads won't work.

    Just for openers see Psalms 119:1-176.

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Jim Baxter  on  09/20  at  10:55 AM
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