The View From 1776

Darwinian Evolution and Peace at Any Price

The peace movement is today’s replay of liberals’ love affair with the Soviet Union, which was, from 1917 until the 1950s, their hope for world peace and justice.

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  1. " Quisling
    Posted by Justin  on  08/27  at  08:03 PM
  2. If the humanist practices his favorite fairy tale, Monday Morning Quarterbacking, he has much evidence that ignoring the Laws of Nature and Nature's God, brings only the peace of the graveyard.

    Goldfish in water, canary in cage, puppy in a backyard, human choice-maker in Freedom, is the way of success.

    Their needful appetite for justification of carnal ways of life demands rule at any expense. Thus, the evidence grows and GROWS.

    Voluminous reason and logic is wasted on such glandular rule where criteria-intelligence is not to be found.

    "Lock and load!"

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  08/29  at  10:49 AM
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