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Stalin Lives - In England

British PC education follows American lead, wipes out Western history.

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  1. We have a whole generation of people who do not know how many Americans died in the 2nd World War. The French think it was alright for Americans to die to liberate France but any loss of life to bring democracy to a nation of brown peoplein Iraq is unacceptable. 90% of the French, and probably equal number of the British, don't know that America sacrificed 242,000 of its brave sons in the European theater. Most of Europe and sadly, nearly half of America, have already been dumbed down. The liberal educational machine is every bit as sinister as the communist propaganda about 'grandpa Stalin' who murdered 20 million people and nearly wiped out all the evidence.
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  2. Stalin lives.

    Well, as an older person, I remember what the US was like in the rural areas, growing up in Maryland. Up until 1960,, I know now it was fermenting in think tanks, this idea of multiculturism, the ultimate divide and conquer , the whammy of all times. Rome let it's people become lazy and decadent, they fell, we decided we would divide ourselves down to minuscule effect, mentally and culturally. We allowed it to happen, me included , as I was of the old way, this was America, self healing wonder place. To cut to the chase, most of you cannot understand me or my generation, except the radical fringe that seems to have grabbed power when no one was looking, and ushered in what we see now. It really was a nicer place then, people cared about each other, and peer pressure alone prevented most ills in our society. Everyone understood what an outlaw was. Oh, now the outlaws have rights, to kill , maim and steal, ask any jailer.

    WE have wondrously developed a underclass of thieves, rapists, and now murderers, as the far out folks are siding with the poor Chemoshites, who have identified themselves in Iraq, cooking children of families who don't obey them (Passing through the fire)
    Oh, this is such a wonderful place of diversity, so good it is killing even the idea of what the US was in the minds of the world. Does it surprise anyone , our closest ally England, would not succumb to this insanity?.
    I hope the idiot socialists understand as some Countries in Europe are beginning to comprehend, not all "ites" are good, in-fact they are fading into some quasi-cultural Muslim society as I write, all that's needed is Shari law to complete it.
    See, when a vacuum is presented, something will fill it, multiculturism is that vacuum of society. We should all be Americans, we were once, no matter our cultural background, we cohesively were Americans first, it made us strong, now the reverse is true in all aspects. The vacuum is here, what will fill it?
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