The View From 1776

Privileged Private Equity?

Free markets do a far better job of policing than socialistic lawmakers.

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  1. Socialism isnt good for much but the authors of make it look like every one to the left of Ronald Reagan is a socialist.

    They beat and beat that same dead horse, time after time, trying to make it look as if there is only "us vs them", Christian conservatives vs Socialists.

    You live in a black and white dream world.

    Recent polls show 25% are Republican, 33% are democrat and 41% are INDEPENDANT.

    The folks at are far removed from political realities on the ground. One might say they have createst a Christian elitists make believe world that fits their fanatical right wing christian propaganda.

    Right wingers invent history because the real one doesnt tell the story they way they would like it to.

    Get the facts about historical revisionism from the right:
    Posted by James Veverka  on  07/01  at  09:48 AM
  2. Actually, James, just about anyone to the left of Reagan would have to be a socialist by definition. Reagan was a moderate conservative willing to compromise with socialists; including those of his own party. Don
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  3. (cont.)

    Most Americans today are socialist to some degree. This is because government has set up a phalanx of snares whereby people are made dependent on government; and, therefore, have a vested interest in maintaining the socialistic norms government has created. For example, the late debate over social-security went down in flames not so much because politicians and the media were against it, but because the American people would not get solidly behind it out of fear they
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