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The Raw Deal

President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal was a stain on the fabric of civilized society.

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  1. FDR, like many, fell for the siren call of socialism and believed it would create a utopia. I don't fault him as much as those who came later and could see what it was doing.

    I like many, if not most socialists, if they are true socialists who want to "give" all they can and "take" as little as possible. Unfortunately true socialists are a "handful" in a basket of people who "take" more than they "give." That is why socialism doesn't work. They assume "inherent good," when man is not "inherently good" and many will take advantage of anything they can.
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  2. I just read this in the Washington Post and thought it applied to this posting, as it does to so many of the postings by The View: "NEVER MAKE A REASONABLE ARGUMENT WHEN AN OUTLANDISH ONE IS AT HAND."
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