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George Gilder on Intelligent Design

Information-technology guru George Gilder explains why Darwinian materialism is an unsatisfactory paradigm of the world.

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  1. The bad news for tha author is that the Darwinian paradigm is stronger than ever. It succeeds because of the scientific method which requires observation based, hypothesis testing experiment with eventual powers of prediction.

    ID has absolutley none of this. "Irreducible Comlexity" is a statement of faith, not science. No IDer has conceived of or performed an experiment that verifies the ANY claim of ID. Hell, IDers can even quantitatively define Irreducible Complexity in ONE instance. Search those Darwin vs ID debates and you will see what fools the IDers have been made when asked to define "IC".

    It is noteworthy that 40% of American see Darwinianism as God's creative hand. Its only the fundy red-neck types (40%) that fear darwinian truths.

    (GEE, where is Rick Santorum and his Thomas More joke now in Dover, PA?............cheese.)

    The universe isnt a designed watch. The universe is in a never ending state of flux. Phase transition continues every moment everywhere. Matter to energy to matter. Solids to gases to liquids, etc. Virtual particles popping in and out of existence everywhere, while matter and anti-matter do their cosmological dance...........gulp

    The universe of 9AM isnt the same watch of 9:01:01AM. Physics is the mother of all science. She has the real low-down..........

    Have you ever found a watch that changed continually? Its not the watch of childish medival brains making parallels with a man-made watch and the universe in eternal changes. cool smirk
    Posted by James Veverka  on  06/26  at  08:48 AM
  2. Darwinuians are moved and directed by a very unscientific purpose.

    They have an unstated need to justify their personal lifestyle that contains immoral/unethical thoughts and acts.

    Anything that challenges and chastens their natural human ego-centric self, is blocked and repudiated from taking part in Truth-seeking beyond their myopic carnal-horizon. Self-worship without guilt must be preserved at all costs, including, unrepeatable Creation. In a word; junk-science and junk-morals and junk-ethics. (Why not?)

    "The true God is a living, intelligent, and powerful Being.

    His duration reaches from eternity to eternity.

    His presence from infinity to infinity.

    He governs all things."

    Sir Isaac Newton

    + + +

    Physicist Sir Isaac's faith in the Creator is far preferable to the egoist's hoped-for faith in his own extensive ignorance.

    vincit veritas
    semper fidelis

    + + +
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  06/26  at  10:27 AM
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