The View From 1776

Why Liberals Can’t Compete in the Values Arena

When liberals speak of values they are talking about material goods and services, which are presumed to flow exclusively from collectivized government.

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  1. Very good piece.

    Highly recommended: Thomas Sowell's "A Conflict of Visions," an investigation into the liberal and conservative mindsets, or as he puts it: the unconstrained and constrained visions.

    Dennis Prager has many brilliant insights into what makes one a liberal or conservative in "Think a Second Time."

    Essentially (and very briefly), liberals believe in the innate goodness of man, while conservatives believe that man's heart has a tendency toward evil. Thus liberals blame an individual's failing ON THE SYSTEM (outside of man) rather than on the person himself. The system, you see, made Little Johnny a drug addict or thief or whatnot. Far from being a criminal, Little Johnny is in fact a victim!

    Leftists are therefore committed to tearing down the present order and starting over. If they can only find the right combination of government programs, income redistributions and so forth we could create paradise on earth ...

    Materialism thus seeks to bring about changes in human behavior through altering man's environment.

    For the leftist, man has no real interior world to speak of, no soul, no spark of divinity within him.

    We are not much more than lab rats ...

    This is why leftists divide the world into
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