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Read former Senator Bob Kerry’s op-ed piece on the Iraq war in the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Yes, a sane and rational piece by Kerry. Will any of the Dems listen?
    Posted by bird dog  on  05/23  at  09:50 AM
  2. Because 'democracy' includes a collection of definitions, priorities, and values, foreign to man-made systems of societies and governments, it must be chosen by the peoples that make up the regions described. Lacking such perception and agreement it will fail - and has - as in Iraq.

    All man-made systems are collectivist and directed top-down. Such systems are a contradiction of human nature as individual-based and individual Rights ordered.

    This primary conceptualized distinction is sourced only in Judeo-Christianity. It will 'work' under no other methodology. Psalm 25:12 Joel 3:14 kjv

    vincit veritas
    sewmper fidelis
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  05/23  at  10:35 AM
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