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Liberal Pyromaniacs

Liberals behave like a pyromaniac who sets fire to his own house, then is angered because the rest of the family try to salvage their possessions and escape from the blaze.

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  1. As long as you include the liberals in both the Republican and Democratic party, I agree. Recently we have seen both parties following the same pattern. Here is what the GAO says about them
    GAO is responsible for auditing the financial statements included in the Financial Report, but we have been unable to express an opinion on them for the 10th year in a row because the federal government could not demonstrate the reliability of significant portions of the financial statements, especially in connection with major financial management challenges at the Department of Defense. Accordingly, amounts reported in this publication taken from the Financial Report may not be reliable. GAO also reported that the federal government did not maintain effective internal control over financial reporting (including safeguarding assets) and compliance with significant laws and regulations as of September 30, 2006. Further, GAO
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