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Imus and Virginia Tech

The inconsistency of atheistic materialism.  There’s more there than Marx allowed for.

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  1. Santa Maria SUN January 11 - January 18, 2002

    Opening Santa Maria's Eyes

    I am sure your readers are as pleased as my wife and I are that Andrew Petty and the Sun have recently published the article, "Manhood paid with women's tears." [Sun, Dec. 28, 2001] Such cowardly, abusive, and oppressive behavior by men in the Latino community will never buy them worthy manhood, but does purchase contempt from their
    women and children and rejection and earned and deserved contempt and ridicule from civilized individuals in our society.

    The problem, however, is larger than one ethnic collectivized 'group' and will not be resolved until the basic cause is recognized and dealt with appropriately. It can be observed throughout our city, state, and nation, from the immature over-
    compensating, self-doubting male, exhibiting feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem, and a rampant inferiority complex who seeks a false collective outlet by way of crimes against women and innocent children and their slavish submission to his "muscle-mind."

    Gang membership and activity, trendy road-rage, and youth violence are all evidence of male feelings of inferiority and will not disappear from our society from resulting police action alone -- unless and until we successfully educate to the prime solution: individual value and character.

    Measuring human value by 'a group' is not the American way. Until our males (and females) recognize and choose to live lives of unique
    and individual value, we will all be burdened by those whose inaccurate, mediocre, and sloppy definitions of manhood and womanhood will require one or more kind of patty-cake baby sitter. Can
    he take the challenge?

    The young ladies of Santa Maria need not focus so much on a boyfriend's hip-hop "personality," as his self-definition, principled intelligence, spirit, and manly virtue. Can she take the challenge?

    vincit veritas
    semper fidelis
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  2. Humans are a perverse lot. It is not faith or reason alone that has made the world a safer and more accommodating place to live in as one would think. Ironically, it is atheistic materialism that is, in the end, accomplishing this job.
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  3. All humans are a perverse lot in their ego - unless and until they get back to the actual center, JESUS.

    Faith or reason alone will not help at all when an individual is self-centered. Faith in a man-made god will make things much worse. Anyone notice the moon-god crowd of collectivists?

    Atheism leaves the individual without any valid references in Reality. He lives a hoped-for guiltless life to pursue his self-centered illusions. He thereby becomes fodder for the nearest collectivist appetite.

    Few materialist fools understand that all material is more than 99% space. It is a lot like the inside of their knob. The one on top.

    Patty.... Never mind.
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  04/27  at  02:15 PM
  4. David, the U.S. isn't safer. It is more dangerous than it was even during the great depression.

    Atheistic materialism is different than "principled materialism" whether it is the principles of Christianity or just the principles of "good stewardship" that advances society as a whole instead of just "individuals."

    Improving the infrastructure of a nation, its educational system, defense, etc. goes beyond atheistic materialism where "self" reigns supreme. Whether there is a God or not, the principles that grew this nation into a superpower was not based on atheistic materialism.

    The Bible teaches that the more you have the more responsibility you have to take care of your family and community. You are to be a manager of the wealth so that it grows and as it grows it makes life better for many people through wise investments of that wealth.

    All wealth belongs to God and you are to be a manager of that wealth, not an "owner," since it is God's wealth. You are the "trustee" and as such, responsible for how you protect and use that wealth to benefit society. That would mean you don't give it to government to waste, but rather, to use wisely in a limited manner for the good of society more than the good of the individual although a well regulated society that follows the laws enacted will also provide more opportunity for the individual to get the education and skills needed to be more productive and better able to acquire his own wealth.

    It is up to us as "blessed individuals" to use our wealth to develop businesses, create products, hire people, and support education so others will join the ranks of "the wealthy" and wise stewards of wealth.
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  5. Money is only one variety of resource. Knowledge, opportunity, relationships, priorities, insight, and
    personal unique gifts in each unique, one-of-a-kind individual, are just a few examples of resources that are taken for granted, unless and until quality runs low.

    Collectivism devours individual value and replaces it in the minds of large numbers of individuals. Many seek abdication in order to escape responsibility. Others seek group-camo in order to "take advantage" of number power in their behalf. Socialistic politicos seek election by appealing to those who identify themselves with a group, not as individuals. It is the basis of future chaos and failure in view of the fact that there are only individuals. Groups are first, last, and always only verbal plural forms of convenience - not Reality.

    Lacking perverse language, no one could see a group - only persons. Individuals. Don't let words distort your ability to perceive Reality.

    The collectivists love it. Individuals know better.

    Columbine? Virginia Tech? Iran? North Korea? Egypt? Syria? China? Russia? and _____________???

    Individual Value or Collective non-value choose

    semper fidelis
    vincit veritas
    Posted by Choicemaker  on  04/28  at  09:29 AM
  6. "Liberals ignore the inconsistent fact that no massacres occurred prior to the Baby Boomer student anarchism of the late 1960s and 1970s."

    Another interesting but false claim from Mr. Brewton.

    The worst massacre in US history was in 1927 when Andrew Kehoe blew up a grade school with dynamite in Bath, MI. 45 were killed, almost all elementary school students.

    But I'm sure Mr. Brewton will find a way to blame this on those pernicious liberals and their dastardly "tolerance".
    Posted by ryan  on  04/30  at  09:50 AM
  7. Wasn't the during the rampant immorality of the "roaring 20's?"

    Maybe it isn't liberalism but immorality that is the problem. Don't we find immorality in all sectors of life but more often we find it in a nation that is in trouble. The nation was in deep trouble in the 20's and again has been for 30 years or more again. The people, when they don't have personal values, responsibility and willingness to sacrifice for the betterment of society (all income levels) will create the condition that "trigger" unstable people to react even more than normally would happen.

    We now have a nation hooked on medical drugs to "cure" any problem even when the problem is a social problem such as a lack of discipline. We turn to drugs for recreation just like we did the drug alcohol in the 20's. We seek material wealth in possessions instead of saving and having liquid funds we can spend in down times. We have abandoned the principles the nation was founded on, similar to that period in the 20's.

    I think we overlook human nature and how it runs in cycles of morality and immorality based on several factors. Just like the world has cycles where one empire rises and another falls and another is waiting in the wings (China) to rise when the current one (U.S.) falls. When we look back in history and see that not one nation was able to keep its empire, it amazes me that so many Americans think "this time it will be different."

    We have the government agencies like GAO, Social Security (Medicare/Medicaid), Federal Reserve, etc. all warning us we are facing a huge decline in our standard of living and yet, we do nothing but continue on the path we are on.

    The dollar is falling again today and yet, we are told the economy is good, inflation under control, "soft landing," trade deficits are good, debt doesn't hurt, rapidly rising deficit spending is OK, loss of manufacturing jobs is to be expected, the need for 100 million immigrants to replace 78 million workers won't hurt our culture or entitlement spending, etc.

    A falling dollar indicates a loss of confidence by other nation in our nation. We can continue, however, to set new records in the DOW and spending as long as "international profits" are up and governments around the world keep loaning us money. We have some time. How much time? We don't know.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/30  at  12:05 PM
  8. Jan,
    You get an A for effort, but there's just no correlation between crime and periods of "immorality" (unless you're willing to make the tautological claim that a period of immorality is one of crime). Take a look at the homicide rate in the US for the past 100 years. By your definition, we ought to expect spikes in crime in the 20's, 70's, and now. What we actually see are spikes in the 30's, 80's and 90's. The crime rate in the US right now is actually at historical lows.

    A more likely cause of these high-crime periods is not immorality, but attempts to legislate morality. The link between Prohibition (1919 - 1933) and homicide rates (peaked in 1933) is fairly well established, and an equally convincing case can be made for the "war on drugs". Interesting analysis here:

    It's also interesting to note that the highest crime rates in the US tend to be in conservative states. Top 10 murder rates in the US, in declining order: DC(!), Maryland, Louisiana, Nevada, Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, South Carolina, Mississippi. My own fairly liberal state of Massachusetts ranks a paltry 36, alongside the blue states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

    Your own hobby horse seems to be US economic decline (as opposed to moral decline), but you need to rethink your analysis of crime in this country.
    Posted by ryan  on  04/30  at  02:42 PM
  9. Actually the homicide table does bear out what I said. You have to remember that there is a lag factor in everything. The immorality led to the stock market crash. It was "immoral" to invest in the market by borrowing from your home or the savings you need for a "rainy day." It was the depression in the 30's that resulted from the immorality of the 20's and then you see that as America came back to God and morality in the 40's and 50's that the rate dropped. Then look at the 60's which led to the 70's and 80's and 90's. Then We started reforming welfare under Clinton and started seeing more division in the nation between
    "church and state" issues but, I do believe morality was actually improving as many of the "love generation" aged and saw the folly of their youth.

    Immorality comes in many shapes. It can reveal itself in the greed of corporations, workers, welfare people, etc. No income level is exempt from immorality. Immorality affects the economy but usually the economy is a lagging indicator. Crime is certainly not the best way to determine immorality but, if you notice, the incarceration rate is about the same as the other charts that show how bad the economic condition of the nation is.

    From 1900 to 1970 there was only an increase of from 112,362 in 1900 to 332,945 in 1970 then, in one decade it jumped to 474,368 and then to 1,148,702 then over 2 million by 2001 where it finally started to slow.

    The more we move to socialism and secular humanism, the worse off we are. Also, what is conservative about Nevada, or Arizona if you are talking about morals? Being a fiscal conservative doesn't make you a moral conservative. Just because a state votes for a socialist like Bush, doesn't mean they are conservative. Look at some of the spending bills and pork some of those states add. What about the poverty levels in some of the states. What is so "conservative" about states that ignore the principles this nation was founded on and seek more federal aid, Look at the pork that Reid funnels to Nevada. Nothing conservative about that.

    I think you are confusing GOP with conservative in your labeling of states. Red states that vote Republican don't mean conservative since the GOP his almost as socialist as the DNC. Only about 20% of the voters in the entire nation are conservative. So, where do you get that these states are conservative? They are "red," not conservative. Mexico and Arizona are currently swamped with crime from illegal aliens. 85% of all outstanding murder warrants in Phoenix are for illegal aliens. We have one of the highest illegal immigrant populations in New Mexico and Arizona and the crimes being committed by them is monumental. Louisiana? What in the world is conservative about a state as corrupt as it is, that is losing population rapidly and growing illegal immigrant population?
    We estimate that Louisiana's illegal alien population now numbers about 16,000 persons. The continued addition of illegal immigrants over the next 45 years, assuming it continues at current rates, is projected to add about 54,000 persons to the population from newcomers and their offspring.

    Finally, we project that proposals for amnesty and other provision that are currently being advocated, if adopted, would add a further 57,000 persons to the state's population over the next 45 years. This would result from the family members of amnesty recipients, increased legal immigration, and increased long-term guest worker residents.
    Conservatives are calling for an end to this trend.

    Immorality isn't the same as crime though it is a part of immorality. Many things that are legal are immoral. Immorality is a "perception" based on the majority in any society. What is immoral in one, isn't in another unless you use "absolutes" like the Bible to define the basics of it. Today, many will say that what the people of the 1950's or the 1800's said was immoral isn't immoral anymore but, that is only true if you base them on something other than the Bible and God's commandments.

    Immorality is what led Israel into decline several times. It is what is leading the U.S. into decline. Immorality shows up not just in physical behavior but in the economic condition of a nation as well but, there can be a significant lag including even decades before it is fully revealed. Immorality, for example, can be the greed we see in some executives, unions, managers, politicians, investors, etc. Eventually, they will cause the economy to suffer as we are seeing now.

    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/30  at  03:57 PM
  10. Right now, we have several government agencies telling us we are on an unsustainable course with entitlements and yet the majority doesn't want to make the sacrifices needed to save those programs. That is immoral. It is immoral because it is personally irresponsible for people to continue doing something they know is wrong. Yet, it isn't "illegal" and thus, not a crime, and doesn't raise the crime rate because they are irresponsibly immoral. It may cause some in the nation eventually to do crimes when those programs no longer meet their needs but it isn't a crime to be stupid and not seek reform.

    So as the nation has become more immoral, it certainly has seen a huge jump in crime, especially in the "desperation crimes" of drugs. Many of those incarcerated are in prison for drug crimes which many say are "victimless" crimes. Yet, they are immoral acts whether legal or not because they violate the teachings of the Bible. They are "escape" mechanisms or "pleasure" tools or ways to gain wealth through the sale of them (greed).

    The prison population rate has gone up much faster than the population (50% in the last 50 years or so, from 200 mil. to 300 mil.) If that isn't an indication of immorality (the illegal part) then what is it?
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  04/30  at  04:01 PM
    Source for incarceration statistics
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