The View From 1776

Success in God’s Eyes

Real success is following God’s will, not making lots of money.

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  1. The type of success taught in the Biblical principles and used by the people who founded this nation (not all, of course) made this a great nation in many ways.

    We are now seeing a huge problem arising in this nation and "success" is going to be tested soon for many who think they have "success" because they have a lot of "wealth" tied to things that can disappear rapidly. This statement from the Government Accounting Office is telling.

    Based on various measures
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  2. Since GOD is the only God He is the personification of Uniqueness. He has no peer or other...thus, He doesn't need a name. He has not given Himself one. People do.

    Since you, and every individual human being, were made in His image, then every individual human is unique. (There are other similar humans: you and I need a name.)

    Since you are unique you are a 'one of a kind.'

    Since you are one of a kind you are extremely rare.

    Since rarity makes gold valuable - you are more rare and more extremely valuable than gold.

    Since individual worth is very very valuable, why does 'the world' stress collective number importance, and in the process, subtract individual value and create the tragedies of great universities and high schools and socialistic 'gangs' and fascistic religions and collectivist political parties and lecherous nations and racism and ....?

    Is not the solution obvious?

    What are YOU waiting for? "The whole is the sum of its parts." Changing one part produces a different whole. Do your successful part.

    vincit veritas
    semper fidelis

    P.S. Not all associations are good. All
    collectivist groups are very VERY BAD.

    A "turn around" is the meaning of 'repentance.'

    + + +
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