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Labor Unions: Double-Edged Blade

Liberals see labor unions through rose-colored glasses.  Reality is somewhat different.

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  1. Union's like all socialist policies seem to be directed at "forced fairness" when the only real lasting fairness is that which comes from the heart of the individual.

    Yes, there is much a society can do to "educate" (not propagandize) people about what creates unfairness and "we the people" as a majority certainly have a right to regulate business and society in general. Yet, when you have an organization like a union that uses intimidation, force, and socialist Courts, you have a formula for disaster.

    We can see the problems in France and how their inability to compete in the world market is making things worse for workers, not better. Yet, many want the same policies here.

    It wasn't "unions" we needed as much as communities that would determine what regulation was needed without making business uncompetitive in the long run. Look at what is going on in the States where many government employees are "union."
    Maine owes $3.3 billion. Alabama owes $19.8 billion. Maryland owes $23 billion. New Jersey owes $78 billion. For decades public sector unions have used their monopoly bargaining power to demand increasingly expensive pay and benefits from taxpayers. Politicians they helped elect have aided this raid on the public purse.
    It sounded good and it looked good but, they forgot that taxes have to be collected to pay for it. When State try to raise taxes on business, they can't compete and close or leave or downsize or don't hire as many, etc. When States try to tax the citizen they often vote the politician out of office so they try to avoid that route directly and go more for sales and hidden taxes. Yet, that reduces buying power, competitiveness, and raises costs of government.

    In the end, they make promises on "hopes" the economy will grow enough to support the promises they have made but know they can't keep if the economy doesn't grow fast enough.

    The nation, and many states are suddenly facing the day they feared. That day is the retirement of the baby-boom generation when 78 million workers not only leave the work force but start drawing on all the promises that were made.

    Hang on, it is going to be a bumpy ride.
    Posted by JanPBurr  on  03/21  at  01:41 AM
  2. when you have an organization like a union OR THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION that uses intimidation, force, and socialist Courts OR DISREGARDS THE COURTS, GENEVA CONVENTION AND BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, you have a formula for disaster.
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