The View From 1776

New York City Madrassas

Today, because we view education as little more than a trade school to help children get better jobs, we forget the fundamental, historical role of education: to pass along to youth the cultural ethos and aspirations of society, without which no society can survive.

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  1. However, we got here, we are going to pay a very high price. We are seeing all the signs of a nation in decline. Decaying morality, decaying infrastructure, declining education standards, wealth moving out of the nation, rising debt, declining trust in the money of the nation, loss of manufacturing and middle class wealth, etc. at the same time we have rising drains on programs like welfare, social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and rising tax needs.

    No wonder so many financial advisers are telling their clients to invest overseas in foreign bonds, stocks and currencies as well as buy gold and silver and oil stocks that will rise as inflation drives prices up.
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  2. What happened? Did you know? and more at Public Education, propaganda factories. Are your children the property of the State?
    What are your children being taught to believe?
    Social Engineering at your expense, both in your children's virtue and your tax dollars. See:

    Education Resources - Learning & Support Resources, Home Schooling. Higher Education at:
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